Sunday, 17 November 2019

About George Pell.

To commit the crime that George Pell was convicted of, he would have had to have the capabilities of some sort of a superhero.  This is why it is simply not feasible.

But the scales of justice were so weighted down by a deep anger at the history of crimes committed by the clergy, that the evidence has simply not been properly weighed.

On social media, any defense of the man is met by accusations of condoning paedophilia, of assertions that the man is so vile that the particular allegation is unimportant and that he should 'rot in prison.' 

There are  appeals to think of the agony of victims of sexual abuse. 

But the pain of the victims of other crimes is not relevant to this case.  Our justice system doesn't work that way.  All that needed to be judged was if this man had committed this particular crime.  And that judgement is questionable, to say the very least!

George Pell has recently been granted leave to appeal to the High Court.

I happened to see a discussion on facebook about the case, and there was a detailed comment by John Macaulay. He kindly granted me permission to share it. I have not previously seen the circumstances put in quite such a telling way.

John Macaulay is highly qualified in more than one area, and is very knowledgeable. He has been deeply involved in this case, and as a Catholic and former altar boy, knows a lot more about procedures when conducting Mass than a lay person.

  This comment is by John Macaulay -

About the crime attributed to Pell:

What sort of freak is capable of:

1) Being at two ends of his cathedral at the same time, greeting parishioners at the Western transept while chasing two 13 year old boy-sopranos through the sacristy 200 meters away across a packed cathedral
2) Holding two boys down with both his hands while using his third hand to insert his erect penis into the open mouth of a chorister, then simultaneously committing the crime of onanism on himself while groping the other lad, all at a virile 55 years of age
3) Was capable of doing all this while dressed in a cassock, covered with a seamless alb, which itself was covered with his heavy priestly chasuble and tied down with a cincture with five knots, while holding his episcopal crook and balancing his ornate mitre on his head
4) That Pell did all this within minutes of concluding his first Solemn High Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral so soon after being appointed Archbishop, mobbed by hordes of conservative Catholics who finally saw in him a bishop who seemed to believe in God
5) That this supposedly happened on 'any' Sunday between July and December, despite the cathedral being closed for restoration for the first 23 weeks of this speculative window which arches from the depths of winter to the heat of summer
6) Despite 20 *police* witnesses admitting the implausibility of the accusation and Pell not calling a single witness so confident was he that this spurious case would collapse under the weight of its own implausibility
7) Despite there being no evidence nor a single witness to corroborate the sole complainant's fantastical claims
8) Claims that even went so far as to paint a deceased man into such a pornographic picture, despite “M.R.” saying he was never abused, even when such an assertion would have reduced his own sentence on an unrelated drugs charge a few years earlier
9) All the while ignoring the successive changes to critical details in the sole accuser’s testimony, including insistence that he was caught swigging sweet red altar wine, despite the cathedral only using dry white wine and despite the cathedral sacristy being a hive of activity with very clear lines of sight.  

10) Despite the immemorial custom, indeed necessity, of a metropolitan archbishop in full regalia always being flanked by his master of ceremonies, his deacon, his assisting priest, and two altar servers, one to hold his crozier and another for his mitre before they are ceremonially handed to the sacristan and assistant sacristan
11) Despite Pell having instigated an independent commission into the despicable crimes of a number of Melbourne clergy, including a request for the Victorian Police to assist it in developing the commission's protocols. A request subsequently refused
12) Despite Pell belonging to a religion whose founder declaimed "If anyone causes scandal to one of these little ones, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea"

When first presented with this sordid picture, while serving as Rome’s third highest ranking official, Pell responded with characteristic candour “what a load of absolute and disgraceful rubbish, completely false, madness” and voluntarily returned home to defend his good name & reputation deciding not to use his diplomatic immunity.

I attended Pell’s trial, retrial and appeal and I was his altar server in that same cathedral in the late nineties, I too can emphatically respond 'what a load of absolute and disgraceful rubbish, completely false, madness'

As a kid I came across creepy blokes that my gut instinct said to steer clear of. As my local bishop, Pell was nothing of the sort. He was mostly affable, sometimes aloof and occasionally grumpy, given how many people & priorities were constantly vying for his attention.

After 20 years of incitement from a mendacious media, a corrupt police force and grandstanding public prosecutors, may God help any cleric, Catholic or conservative who is hauled before a jury in Melbourne in the years ahead.


It is sometimes assumed that anyone who expresses doubt about Pell's guilt are devout Catholics. But one does not have to be Catholic, or even Christian to expect justice from our justice system.

Poor Pell will probably spend another year or so in prison before the date of his High Court Hearing.

Pell is not a superhero, he is just a man.  He is an old man in a prison with the most vile of criminals.  I hope he survives long enough to be exonerated.

And this charge - what Pell himself said -
“what a load of absolute and disgraceful rubbish, completely false, madness.”   

And so it is. 


Saturday, 9 November 2019

The 'Okay' sign

One day, a nuisance idiot on a site called 4chan decided - as a joke - that he would say that the okay sign was a symbol for white supremicism.  

Such is the madness of the day, that instead of laughing and moving on,  more idiots believed them, and now, if you look it up, you are advised not to use it.  It is 'problematic,' some say.  Other sites frankly call it a hate symbol, or even Nazi.;postID=5877959983091345147;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=4;src=postname

Like a lot of nonsense invented by the Politically Correct brigade, it has caused harm. 
According to the article, link below, an actor was fired for using this harmless gesture. 

And it is harm, too, to tell us we cannot use this common symbol
 that has been around for hundreds of years.  

It means 'okay.'  We all know it it means okay. 

It started as a joke. Now, we are told that we should be very careful about using the symbol.

I intend to treat the suggestion
that we take care when using it as a joke.

It is a joke.

It is only when we give credibility to such nonsense that it sticks.

So use the symbol. Use the symbol whenever you like.  
And then, after a time, maybe the rot about it being racist will be forgotten.

We do not have to take notice of the nonsense around these days.  Okay?  

Friday, 1 November 2019

Do we really want Halloween in Australia?

There was a murder recently in America. It seemed without motive.

But they showed a gruesome picture in the window of the house - a Halloween 'decoration.'  A figure with a raised knife, a figure of someone apparently in the act of stabbing someone.   It was not supposed to have had anything to do with the murder, but how could anyone think this any sort of a  'decoration?'

It was 31st October yesterday, and while Halloween was ignored in my own neighbourhood, I was still subjected to some gruesome images in the name of fun.  There was a zombie 'decoration,' the realistic figure apparently struggling along the ground, bleeding from its eyes.  Awful!

Children get dressed up as hideous creatures.

And then they wander around the neighbourhood collecting a bucket of 'treats,'  often enough to make them sick several times over.  That is not good for them, even if they don't get someone's pills mixed up with the 'treats' as happened to one unfortunate three-year-old.  (How could that have been an accident?)

So there are three issues of Halloween I object to.

1. The promotion of ugly and offensive images in the name of fun.
2. Children stuffing themselves with sweets to the detriment of their health.
3. The danger.  Even when the children are supervised, and often they would not be, they are knocking on the doors of strangers.  And some of the treats might be less harmless than the chocolate-covered  brussel sprouts that I saw suggested.

There is also the irritation of the promotion of it in stores and on the media. I suppose it is good for business, especially as in some areas, no doubt, it will become a competition for the best expensive costume or the best expensive house decorations.

But we already have the less offensive celebrations at Easter and Christmas.  Really, do we want Halloween as well?  We don't actually have to follow America in all of its most foolish trends, do we?

I usually like to put pictures in my blog posts.  But I am feeling quite grumpy, and have no desire to put any pictures of spiders or grave yards or skeletons and especially not - zombies! 


Growing up a Tomboy

Not long ago, a girl could act as 'boyish' as she wished.  Then, no-one would have dreamed of mutilating her body and compromising her health in order to attempt to turn her into something she can never be.

This is a post from 'Political Posting Mumma,' an activist against the damaging fad of  'transgender.'

She speaks of growing up a a tomboy.

"People would call me a Tomboy and I would ask them, “what even is that? Who says girls can’t do whatever they want?” "

This lady is convinced that if she'd been growing up now, she would have found herself being 'transitioned.'

Luckily,  she grew up before the wickedness took hold.   'I am so grateful, I was left to be me.'

The full story  is very much worth reading.
The link to PPM's facebook page is below it.

"For most of my childhood I was considered a Tomboy.
My friends were mostly boys.
I climbed trees and built tree houses and was often a bit grotty from collecting bugs and playing in the dirt. I hated pretty dresses. I had short hair for a number of years and I absolutely detested the colour pink! When I was 8 I received a much wanted real tool box so I could build things, hopefully with my dad who liked to build when he wasn’t working. He worked a lot. And build things I did. I had a train set until I was 13. I had a motorbike and dreamed of owning a Harley Davidson one day...

When I was at my single mum’s home, I played the role of the man when it came to finding out what the loud noises were in the house, and taking out the spiders and comforting her when she needed it. I also fought off my mum’s attackers on more than one occasion. I was the “man of the house” so to speak.

As a young person I was always quite opinionated and a bit mouthy. Traits that have no doubt held me in good stead in this recent battle. I loved wrestling and play fighting and would often beat the boys, (until they all hit puberty of course).

People would call me a Tomboy and I would ask them, “what even is that? Who says girls can’t do whatever they want?”

I started the first girl indoor soccer team in my area. I played footy and was quite good at it, until the boys were told they weren’t allowed to tackle me anymore and so obviously the game lost any interest for me. I was angry at the injustice at the time but no other girls at my school wanted to form a team, so I let footy go and moved on.

So this issue is probably a little more personal for me than maybe for others. Although I’m sure many of you can relate in some way or another. Biological gender may be binary but gender expression is definitely not.

I am absolutely convinced that if this agenda was around when I was growing up, I would have been transitioned. I’m convinced my mother who quite possibly has (undiagnosed) munchausen by proxy and is as politically left leaning and “progressive” as it gets, would have embraced this medicalisation of gender dysphoria.
I was put in a wheelchair and hospitalised as a child with an illness that miraculously disappeared.
Amongst other examples.

Incidentally, I was a fairly late bloomer, but by the age of about 16 I discovered and embraced my more feminine side.
I gave up trying to be the boy I thought my father always wanted and may have loved more than he seemed to love me. I started to wear a bit of lippy and flirted profusely with the opposite sex and this was often reciprocated. I also found my first real teenage bestie girlfriend and I loved and enjoyed our non competitive friendship. I wore my hair long and started to get more into fashion for my newfound curves. I sold my motorbike for $100 so I could buy a pair of Doc Martins. That guy got a bargain and I was so irritated to find he ended up being one of my biggest trolls through the marriage campaign. That bike was worth at least a thousand bucks! 🙄

I digress.
I am so grateful, I was left to be me.
At 20, after a failed suicide attempt, I gave my life to Jesus and found a path of complete happiness. This new life perspective meant that almost over night all that I wanted was to be a wife and a mum and to create a home that I had always craved for Marijke the broken and lonely little girl. I found my inner strength and life’s purpose and it wasn’t to be angry and aggressive anymore. I could relax and just be me. The evolving me. But the me I may have always been if circumstances and my often traumatic childhood had have been different. Or who knows, I may have always liked “boy things” whatever they even are...

Anyway, I suddenly dreamed of being a Nurturer, a mother, a home maker and I met men through my church network that made me believe that not all men were bad or disloyal or absent or abusive. I met my now husband who helped me understand that there were men who had integrity and loyalty and who did not look at women (and especially not at little girls) as objects for their sexual gratification. He won’t even look at another woman inappropriately and even turns away when there are underwear ads! This was astonishing to me. All the men I’d known were into porn. We are now raising sons who honour women the same way.

I’m convinced that how I presented saved myself from lots when we lived in a bikie club house with my mum, her biker partner and my sisters. It may have even been subconscious. Who knows.

With the new life I felt through my spiritual conversion I was able to soften my masculine defensive side and embrace all the innate feminine qualities that are so special and unique and that really were also there within me all along but I had no doubt locked away.

If the Trans-Agenda were around when I wanted desperately to be a boy, I would have been permanently physically mutilated. I would have been sterilised. I would have had my healthy breasts removed and tried to sculpt my body through plastic surgery into a way that I felt my personality was “supposed” to look.

Perhaps saddest of all, I would have never had the ability to have my four, precious beautiful children who have given me a richness to love and depth and breadth to the meaning of life that often overwhelms me and has certainly saved me when my PTSD flares up. They are also the reason I continue to fight and why I was so angry when the state decided to sexualise them with the comprehensive sexuality nonsense. I know first hand what depriving a child of their childhood and innocence does. I have protected my kids.
I am a mumma warrior!

I know that not all women can have biological children and I mourn for those women and share this with compassion for them, but to take this away from a little girl permanently is absolutely despicable. Or a little boy for that matter.

And as someone who has also dealt with children who have had suicidal ideation due to genetic anxiety disorders, I simply cannot accept the fear of suicide as an acceptable reason to do this to kids. Not now. Not ever.

I have poured my heart out because I hope this message goes out into the world. This agenda is not ok. Let kids be kids!

Let little girls play soccer and let little boys do ballet. Who cares. I thought we won that battle! What even is all of this??
Do not castrate them and deprive them of a peaceful future or their human right to procreate if they so choose.
Deal with their minds and hearts and traumas and pains and love them, don’t mutilate them.
And definitely do not mainstream this radical ideology so little girls and little boys from broken homes get caught in the cross fire.
Enough is enough!
Please share."[0]=68.ARBUij5xX5MVt7CW4eNS3hD9RRtX3pTGtjfl3BjAqlofy2Ag_mCqo9cXpkkbx1nrKBXMYJ7iXjye_x115odMVvJywcSdCB0w5KjZbOZekuFwmYddO3mSCn0GFT2Lcdt4GPtS4bnQ1eAUOE6nn2puuj49XGfC4RRStDcpiIUrZbPdZnWOy5wWnN2M-tpvjYaEWeJbo2YqJ5dzBLmwKZIBnwDXzfCeWpTMKZB2dbWR29gsdY02LnJRE2BW4wpB8EBy4QoEcpECGTMU0ArQaT-Hpecsps87DAd5ykd8NrvsQhXnTOBnMtGO5LmhFmDfSAfIbA1vsez_CKG3RYZxDW4-Tv8


My first book was about a eunuch. The idea started when we had our beloved young dog desexed - what most responsible owners do. Our dog sulked for a few days afterwards, but then accepted it. After all, what choice did he have?  

So then came Shuki, a bright ten-year-old boy from the slums of a city in Arabia. According to my novel, that was in the 1970s, not in ancient times.

'Not a Man' was published in 2011 - just eight years ago.  But in the years before, when I was researching the effects of the pre-puberty castration of a normal boy, there was almost nothing about it.  I did discover there were a lot of men who had castration fantasies, some of whom would go to extremely painful lengths to make their fantasy into reality.  And I discovered there were some choir boys who would beg for the operation in order to preserve their voice.

But the idea of castrating a healthy boy, especially pre-puberty, was regarded as a wickedness not to be even considered.  And yet here we are in 2019, and it is accepted, though called 'transitioning' rather than 'castration,'  and the boys are called 'girls' rather than eunuchs.  

Speculation is growing about the number of future law suits there will be from those whose bodies are damaged when they were still children.  I expect there will be many.  

Girls cannot turn into boys.  Boys cannot turn into girls.

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Stop the wickedness!

It is wicked that children are permitted to take 'puberty-blockers' and then 'cross sex hormones' and even irreversible surgery, all under the pretence they can change their sex.

Changing sex is not possible.  If your DNA says XX, then that is in every cell of your body. If your DNA says XY, then that is in every cell of your body.   And no matter what you do to your body, that will not change.

You can, of course, damage your body trying.  Boys can be turned into eunuchs, and both girls and boys can have their fertility and their sex drives destroyed.  It is a recipe for tragedy, and the enormously high rate of suicide among those 'transitioned' attest to that disaster. (The transgender lobby pretend it is because they do not find sufficient 'acceptance'.)

And yet, the transgender lobby only seems to gain more power, and is pushing to 'transition' children at younger and younger ages.

In 'The Australian,' 2nd October, 2019, it was reported that the Australian Psychological Association, representing  24,000 psychologists,  recommended that children under sixteen should be permitted to 'transition' without any requirement of counselling, and without the permission of parents! 


NO child should be enabled to have either surgery or drugs in order to 'change sex.'  It is NOT POSSIBLE to be 'born into the wrong body.'  But instead of children learning this simple fact of life, they are told they can somehow achieve the impossible.  The falsehood is taught at schools. The falsehood has now become legislation in certain areas.  Tasmania, for instance, now allows a person to have their sex changed on their birth certificates - retrospective lies on an official document.

There have been some very unfortunate consequences of the lunacy of pretending that men can be women and women can be men - consequences such as men raping women in women's prisons, men taking all the prizes in women's sports, school boys allowed in girls' change-rooms to the discomfort of the girls, and law suits when, for instance, women refuse to give 'Brazilian waxes' to the testicles of a man who calls himself a woman.

Most of all, it makes for some very miserable people. The wickedness has to stop.


First, if a child declares himself or herself to be 'really' of the opposite sex, then instead of being told not to be so silly, the notion is 'supported' with  'affirmation,' and from then on, they are told they 'are' what they say they are.  This is a mistake from the start.

And then they are likely to be prescribed what they call 'puberty-blockers.'  It sounds such a harmless thing, not the dangerous drugs they actually are. There is harm to the body.

After that, comes the 'cross hormones,' -  Testosterone for girls and Oestrogen for boys.  This is more harm to their body.

Some children may see sense around this time, and have the courage to confess their mistake. For others, it is like a treadmill, difficult to escape. The next step is surgery, maybe a double mastectomy for the girls, meaning whatever her choices later in life, she will be unable to breastfeed, (assuming she has not already been made sterile by the drugs.)  There may also be surgery on genitals, even the fashioning of a pretend penis.

She will not become male.  She will never be male.  She will be a badly damaged female.

For the boys, there will be castration, probably including removal of penis as well as testicles, and probably the fashioning of some sort of pretend vagina.  He will be sterile, and further, will have lost his sex drive, though that could be partially restored by use of female hormones.  He will have had his body very severely damaged. He will be a eunuch.

He will not be female.  He will never be female.  He will be a badly damaged male.

 For a more expert description, I have provided some links. The first article points out the enormous profits to be made by drug companies.

The article below speaks of deaths from the 'puberty-blocker' known as Lupron or 'Leuprolide Acetate.'  This drug is clinically approved  for conditions such as prostate cancer in men, and endometriosis in women.  This drug is now commonly used on children who are diagnosed as transgender.

Quoting from the report -

"Between 2013 and June 2019, FDA recorded 41,213 adverse events, including 6,379 deaths and 25,645 “serious” reactions in patients who took the hormone blocker known as Lupron — the same drug given to children who say their gender identity is not consistent with their biological sex."

Below is a link to an explanation of the use of Lupron by Endocrinologist, Dr. Michael K. Laidlaw.  He calls them 'a path towards sterilisation of kids.'

Talking about some implications of hormone treatment. 

by 'Sargon of Akkad'

Ignored, silenced, or occasionally vilified by the Transgender lobby are those who have 'transitioned' and soon realised it had been a big mistake.  Some live with their damaged bodies, others try to reverse the effects of the drugs as well as they can, and some have more surgery to restore genitals to a semblance of a healthy person of their sex.

Charlie Evans
Charlie Evans 

Charlie Evans, 28, from Newcastle, was born female but identified as male for almost ten years before deciding to stop taking testosterone and become a woman again.

She has now become involved in helping transgender people with doubts.  She says that hundreds of people have contacted her,  asking for guidance around detransitioning - the process of becoming the gender they were born.

Walt Heyer is another chap who tried to be a woman, but went back to being a man.

Peter Benjamin:  'I couldn't cope any more with being transgender.'

From the article:  'Benjamin worries that people — especially children — are being too quickly rushed to medical transitioning treatments when their compulsion is being triggered by other conditions such as depression, social isolation, or autism, which are left unresolved.' 

An article - 'Why detransitioners frighten trans activists":

Sydney Watson, stories of transgender children

There are many others who regret their decision, most of them living quietly as best as they can, some who try and help others avoid their mistakes.

A support network for those struggling is called 4th Wave Now.

There are storm clouds in this life, and there are rocky places to negotiate.  Do not make a child's life more difficult by damaging his or her bodies with the pretence that they can change sex.


Note that if an adult is foolish enough to start on this path, that is not my business,
only that it should not be funded by the tax-payer.  

When an adult self-harms, it is no-one's responsibility but that of the perpetrator. 

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Links to evidence of tampering with weather records.

I have mentioned in comments now and then that climate 'scientists' have been caught out tampering with records.  Of course, a true scientist looks at the data and comes up with a hypothesis.  A politically driven pretend scientist makes his data conform to the theory he wants to push. When money and career prospects depend on following a certain line, then there are many scientists, who are only people, after all, willing to compromise.   (To 'compromise' is polite-speak for lying and cheating.) 

So to those who have asked where the evidence is for such tampering, I have provided several links. They are not arranged in any particular order, just added when I come across them.  I expect to come across several more before the whole charade falls down.  The increasing hysteria about a 'Climate Emergency' when there is not the slightest evidence for any emergency seems to me to be an indication that the end is nigh.  (Not the end of the Earth as some are saying, but the ending of a scam.)  

The Australian Bureau of Meterology, tampering with old records.
In my own experience, the reported temperatures for our local area seem to bear less resemblance to our experience and our own measurements than they once did. Last winter, there were a few temperatures so wildly out that they made an announcement with an apology, and said they were having issues with the way their instruments worked. 

And that is odd. Surely the measurement of temperature is a simple thing. There is no need for complexities in it that can go wrong - unless they want it to record something other than actual temperature.

Tony Heller:

"NASA temperature records used to show March, 1878 as the hottest month on record around the world. There was a global heatwave and drought which killed fifty million people that year. NASA has since made the heat of 1878 disappear, and removed all of the hot weather prior to 1880. And the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has done even worse."

Tony Heller again:;postID=7245163833091635543;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=3;src=postname

Tony Heller, Tampering with the satellite records.

Jennifer Marohasy, scientist and author.

'The Australian Bureau of Meteorology keeps remodelling the temperature record for Australia – and not just by a little bit. Temperatures are changed through a process known as homogenisation, and then changed again, sometimes by as much as 6.4 degrees Celsius for the one day.'

Craig Kelly, Australian MP
This statement by Craig Kelly, July, 2019


Earlier this year, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology again rewrote Australia’s temperature records, for the second time in six years - and surprise, surprise, the latest adjusted data set again greatly increased the rate of warming since 1910 - this time the increase was a further 25%.

So now, rather than the nation’s temperature having increased by 1C over the past century (as was previously claimed with previously adjusted data) the bureau’s latest updated homogenised data set, known as ACORN-SAT, now shows mean temperatures have risen by 1.23C from the base year of 1910.

And what a lucky co-incidence for the Alarmists that base year of 1910 was a historical cold year - and the record hot temperatures recorded during the Federation drought are sent down the memory hole.

And these continual adjustments to the historical temperature records are not just in Australia.

A recent peer-reviewed study found adjustments made to global surface temperature readings by scientists in recent years “ARE TOTAL INCONSISTENT with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data.”

“Thus, it is impossible to conclude from the three published [global average surface temperature (GAST)] data sets that recent years have been the warmest ever – despite current claims of record setting warming,” according to a study published June 27 by two scientists and a veteran statistician.

Basically, “cyclical pattern in the earlier reported data has very nearly been ‘adjusted’ out” of temperature readings taken from weather stations, buoys, ships and other sources.

More recent published versions surface temperature records COOL PAST TEMPERATURES and WARM MORE CURRENT TEMPERATURES, increasing the warming trend, according to the study’s authors. Over time newer versions of the temperature record show more warming than past ones.

“NEARLY ALL OF THE WARMING THEY ARE NOW SHOWING ARE IN THE ADJUSTMENTS,” Meteorologist Joe D’Aleo, a study co-author, told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an interview. “Each dataset pushed down the 1940s warming and pushed up the current warming.”

“You would think that when you make adjustments you’d sometimes get warming and sometimes get cooling. That’s almost never happened,” said D’Aleo, who co-authored the study with statistician James Wallace and Cato Institute climate scientist Craig Idso.

Their study found measurements “nearly always exhibited a steeper warming linear trend over its entire history,” which was “nearly always accomplished by SYSTEMATICALLY REMOVING THE PREVIOUSLY EXISTING cyclical temperature pattern.”

Further reading:…/30c0bc68e582feb2828915e1……/ef-gast-data-rese……/exclusive-study-finds-temperatur…/

Tony Heller: Making 1921 disappear.

A farmer in Bourke whose records date back a very long way:

This portion is repeated from a blog post I wrote in 2014.

Heat that 'didn't happen.'   The Weekend Australian, August 30-31, 2014. Article by Graham Lloyd, Environment Editor.

Find it online -

The source is Ian Cole, who's a farmer in Bourke, inland NSW. Bourke is well known for its extreme temperatures. His father kept detailed temperature records for most of his life. It is fortunate that they were not simply lost, as they do not support the current religion of Global Warming. (called Climate Change more recently, since the temperature has obstinately refused to rise as predicted.)


Tony Heller: 'The world started in 1960.

Dr. Mototaka Nakamura
Dr. Mototaka Nakamura

The IPCC  (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) 

A report that omitted the Medieval Warm Period.

Craig Kelly:  changing numbers of 'very hot days.'

Added 20th November, 2011

Another link that shows tampering, so when the weather man on TV talks of record high temperatures, take it with a grain of salt.

Added 11th December:  Rising Sea Levels?

And here are some more general links that are also relevant, but not speaking of altering historical records. 

500 scientists send message to UN, stating there is NO Climate Emergency.

Dr. Willie Soon demolishes the extreme weather panic and other hysterical arguments.
Dr, Willie Soon

October, 2019

There are widespread protests from those who claim that they want us to do more about climate change.  Their actual demands are ludicrous, and there is speculation that the puppet-masters' actual agenda is purely Marxist - the end of capitalism, the end of democracy, and the rise of Globalism. 

But as no-one really knows, let alone the protesters, the messages are confusing and contradictory.  

October, 2019

Right - For such a dismal message, this young woman seems quite happy about it!  

Craig Kelly, Australian MP,
13th October, 2019

CLIMATE ALARMISM : As Dangerous in a Man as Rabies in a Dog.

If you know any young and gullible children at risk of falling prey to this death cult, the best way to protect them is with the facts;

* The 97% consensus claim is a fraud. Over 500 scientists and experts have recently signed a petition declaring there is no climate emergency.

* Today, we have never been safer from extreme weather or famines than at any time in human history.

* Over the past few decades the globe has enjoyed global greening - afforestation exceeds deforestation.

* Global wildfires have declined 25% over the past two decades

* The fires this year in the Amazon are below average.

* Antarctic sea ice has been increasing since 1979 and is currently at average levels

* The Arctic Sea Ice has been stable for the last decade, and where Henry Larson sailed through the Northwest passage in 1944 is year impassable, blocked with thick sea ice.

* According to the BOM Australia had the most number of very hot days in the year 1952.

* In the USA, only 2 of 50 states recorded their hottest ever temperatures this century, most occurred in the 1930’s.

* Crop yields across the world continue to break records, the world has never produced more food.

* There is no link between drought and climate change.

* Cyclones are decreasing in trend in Australia - and show no increase worldwide

* Tornadoes are decreasing.

* Polar Bears are increasing in number

* The great whales are increasing in population. And so are the number of tigers in the wild.

* Cold weather kills 20 times more people than hot weather.

* And if you are panicking about sea level rise, get some old pictures of Fort Denison, and then catch a ferry and go have look for yourself and see what ‘’change’’ has occurred.

The greatest concern that any child today should have, is that the extreme left wing politicians that encourage climate alarmism and feed it with their lies, ever get their hands on power.

ADDED 15TH NOVEMBER, 2019.   'Climategate.' 

Tony Thomas Quadrant,  Online,  14th November 2019

Climate Science Proves Scams Don’t Die of Exposure

I would have liked to reproduce the whole thing, but that could be breach of copyright.  I suggest people go to the website.  All of it is worth reading. 

 Thomas's opening paragraph:      

"It’s the tenth anniversary next week of the 2009 Climategate email dump that exposed top climate scientists’ chicanery and subversion of science – and did so in their own words and out of their own mouths, or keyboards. I’ll list a few emails-of-infamy shortly, but first some background. For the three years before Climategate, the climate crowd was ascendant with its pseudo-narrative of “settled science”. Al Gore’s error-riddled propaganda movie Inconvenient Truth of 2006 had swept the Western world and its readily-traduced schoolkids. In 2007 Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shared the Nobel Peace Prize." 

Some quotes from the 'Climate Scientists.'

There are many quotes that shows just how unprincipled they became when adjusting records, eliminating data that did not support their narrative, and even making things up.

  "I feel that at this point there are very little rules and almost anything goes." 

So anything went, and one chap that appears to have been trying to make sense of the data from the 
 Australian Bureau of Meteorology,   noted:

What a bloody mess. Now looking at the dates… something bad has happened, hasn’t it. COBAR AIRPORT AWS [data from an Australian weather station] cannot start in 1962, it didn’t open until 1993! … getting seriously fed up with the state of the Australian data. So many new stations have been introduced, so many false references … so many changes that aren’t documented … I am very sorry to report that the rest of the databases seem to be in nearly as poor a state as Australia was…Aarrggghhh! There truly is no end in sight…!

  And laughably

I do hope all these emails are just staying within UEA because it really makes us – UEA as a whole – look like a bunch of amateurs.

Not really amateurs, but rather, incompetent and unprofessional political activists masquerading as scientists.  That is my opinion, M. A. McRae, not the words of the author of this powerful and informative article. That is Tony Thomas.  You should read it all.

In his conclusion, Tony Thomas says: 

[1] “The inquiries were largely unable to deal with the issue of the issue of blocking publication of papers, or intimidating journals. But academics reading the emails could see quite clearly the tribalism at work, and in comparison to other fields, climatology comes off looking juvenile, corrupt and in the grip of a handful of self-appointed gatekeepers and bullies.”

[2] The still-unidentified Climategate “hacker” said his motive was to help divert useless trillions for renewables towards doing genuine good for the world’s poor.

[3] Warmist scientist Steve Schneider perceptively said: “A mega heat wave this summer is worth 3 orders of magnitude more in the PR wars – too bad we have to wait for random events since evidence doesn’t seem to cut it anymore with the MSM [mainstream media].”…/2…/11/ten-years-after-climategate/

And that was 'Climategate.'   The author was right when he said that it should have had far more influence than it did. 

 How much money has been wasted on projects seeking to ameliorate the perceived crisis that is based on lies? 


Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Getting rid of single-use plastics? What a joke

Getting rid of single-use plastics? What a joke. Coles pretend they are so wonderful because they no longer issue those supremely useful plastic bags (that never were single-use) but have now made the packaging for meat products with far more plastic than before. And heavier plastic, which is worse for the environment. So it's 10 times worse than it was a couple of years ago. So much for their virtue-signalling!

Purchased at Coles, this morning.  (October, 2019)