Wednesday, 23 May 2012


'The King's Favourite',  sequel to 'Not a Man'  is now available for sale as an ebook at Smashwords,   

Free for the moment if you can quote the coupon number, valid until 14th June,  -  TU47V

 It was the greatest scandal that Oxford University had ever known. The culprits were the sons of the rich and famous, even of Royalty. The trials went on for years, and the story of the modern day eunuch spread, his beauty and desirability extolled.
 Shuki was unaware of the full extent of his notoriety, though he knew not to show his face in England, not for fear of unwanted advances, but because reporters were such a problem. He now lives in his own remote home, overlooked by his beloved mountains, and protected by the Daoud family of Naelahin. He has his family, his studies, and is respected. He has come a very long way from his origins.
 Feroz Hady was viewed as a puppet king. Just sixteen, yet he is the all-powerful monarch of a country in Arabia. When an important and complex trade deal hangs in the balance, his Chief Councillor bargains an extra concession to keep his young king happy. Added to the details of the enormous payment promised, there is a reference to ‘other considerations.’ Shuki’s freedom is traded away by his own country. He becomes slave and companion to a king.
 As he told his stepson years later, “Sometimes things happen, and the only choice you have is to accept it and learn to make a life anyway.” Shuki has no choice, and he makes his life anew, finding compensation in the influence he comes to bear over a country not his own.

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