Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos, Pamela Geller, free speech campaigners

Free speech is vitally important. It is enshrined in the American Constitution, and it is assumed as a right in all other civilised countries, whether it is part of their constitution or their Bill of Rights, or merely by custom over generations.

And yet, free speech is threatened. If it was not threatened, no-one would riot to close down events that didn't suit their view of the world, social media platforms would stick to deleting pornography and incitement to violence  rather than targeting unfashionable opinion. Facts would not be categorised as 'hate speech.'

 Milo Yiannopoulos is a flamboyant gay man, witty, entertaining, and sometimes outrageous, though in my opinion, not nearly as outrageous as is commonly claimed.  Milo's talks have provoked riots, the mere mention of his name can have some fuming because of  his 'hateful' opinions. And they will condone violence against him and against his supporters. 

He wrote a book, but his prospective publisher was worried about repercussions. They cancelled his contract.

Rioting because Milo Yiannopoulos was to speak.

He published anyway. Most of what Milo Yiannopoulos has to say is serious, rational, and pure good sense - that it is vital to overturn the extreme Leftist culture that now reigns in politics, entertainment and in education.

There were a few things I didn't like about his book - the use of some pretty vile profanity, for instance, and the assertion that 'ugly' should be cured with surgery.  But I remember that that particular one was in relation to the very loud 'feminists' he comes in contact with - the sort of 'feminism' that has nothing to do with the perfectly sensible variety we knew in the 60s and 70s. And I have seen on social media some gross specimens! Not that they were physically ugly so much - few of us are beautiful - but these ones seemed to want to display themselves as physically ugly as they could possibly manage, and in as few clothes as possible. So I can forgive him for that one - maybe.

Milo loves to be flashy. 

But then he'd say something that would make me break out in laughter. For instance, he related an incident when he was dressed up as a clown,  'I didn't mind about the clown costume because I still looked sexy as fuck.'

Milo is vain and he is funny. He is incredibly entertaining, but that is only one aspect. He is also very well read, and highly intelligent. I have seen him tie a Muslim activist into knots, because it so quickly became clear that he knew the religion of Islam, while the declared Muslim (Western, female) had very little idea.

For sheer entertainment, I would give this book 5 stars (out of 5) 

So why do they try and silence Milo?  He says: 'It isn't my outrageous behavior, my mockery of ideologies considered sacrosanct in America today, or even my addiction to uncomfortable truths. The establishment's real fear is that this book will affect readers, especially young people. In particular, they fear that the young people at the epicenter of political correctness in America's universities with begin to question the ideologies foisted upon them...'

Milo speaks out against Islam, among other things.  Since Islam declares that the punishment for being homosexual is death, it is no wonder that he despises the religion. But this is one reason that Milo is so heavily criticised  - we are not supposed to speak ill of Islam.  It is Sharia Law, the barbaric law handed down to devout Muslims from the 8th Century - that any criticism of Islam is forbidden. 

And yet European countries are now trying to enforce that law for them. How very, very sad.

Another advocate for free speech is Pamela Geller, who has been trying to shed a light on the facts of Islam ever since the Twin Towers were brought down by Jihadists in 2001.

And then they wanted to put an enormous mosque on the site instead. Some claimed it would be a symbol of unity or peace or something like that. Pamela saw it is as more like a symbol of  triumph.  Thousands agreed, and the proposal was eventually quashed.

But that was when her activism really began.

And ever since,  people have been trying to stop her talking. She points out, again and again, that you cannot call facts 'hate speech.' It makes no difference. Facts are routinely called 'hate speech.'

Her recent book is called 'Fatwa,'  as a Fatwa has been called against her. She sees routine death threats made against her, and at least once, there was a serious attempt to carry out the threat. 

In her book 'Fatwa,'  she describes her efforts to open people's eyes to the reality of Islamic teaching, and she describes the determined efforts to close her mouth. There were even efforts made to thwart her attempts to provide safety to young women threatened with 'honour killing' because they committed such 'crimes' as talking to an unrelated man, appearing in Western dress, or wanting to leave Islam. In Islam, of course, the prescribed punishment for  'apostasy' is death. 

Pamela uses direct quotes from the Koran to illustrate her points. And yet, because she is pointing out the actual teachings of the Koran, she is labelled bigot, racist, etc.  Facts should never be suppressed. How can one address a problem if one cannot describe that problem? 

Here we are in 2017, and yet many European nations plus Canada, Australia and Britain, are caving in to demands from Muslims in a misguided attempt to keep the peace. Pamela says that Islam is at war with civilisation, and the politically correct Leftists are in collusion with them, whether or not they understand what they are doing. She calls them 'craven quizlings.'

On page 60, she says 'Who would have imagined that twelve years after 9/11, patriots and freedom lovers dedicated to opposing the ideology behind those attacks on the homeland (and over 21,000 deadly Islamic attacks worldwide since) would be demonized, dehumanized, and the object of a campaign to get us banned from an allied nation. It could only be the result of insanity or ... defeat.' 

There was a terrorist attack in London. The advice from police was for people to run and hide. Pamela says:  'Running and hiding is no strategy in war. Operation Fetal Position is a recipe for disaster.' (Page 127) 

For speaking out, Pamela Geller finds herself the recipient of some truly dreadful threats, often on social media and usually blandly ignored, while her own posts are routinely taken down. This, for instance, that a Muslim posted pictures of her next to bloodied dismembered bodies along with threats too gross for me to say.  And yet that facebook page was not taken down. 

She says, (page 189)  'This is ultimately not about me; it is whether America will stand for freedom or surrender. I don't want to die, but I will not live as a slave.' 

But it seems that so many people would rather live in fear of repercussions by Muslims than to stand up to their threats. They refuse to even hear when people point out what the threat is. They would rather silence people like Pamela Geller than look at what is real. 

An excerpt from Pamela's book -  'All my work is in defense of the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, the equality of rights of all people before the law, and individual rights. The claim that I operate a hate group is a vicious smear and eerily evokes the circumstances that preceded the rise of the Nazis in the 1930s.' 

It's a strange world. On the news today, it speaks of the Christmas season being particularly dangerous as a season for terrorism. There is talk of new loudspeakers in cities so that they can sound an alarm when there is a terrorist attack, a heavy police presence is now routine at major events, and heavy bollards are being erected in places where crowds gather in order to protect against a terrorist deciding to deliberately drive into them.  And yet there is no mention of just who these 'terrorists' are, and what they might be murdering for.

Bollards erected in the hope of preventing an Islamic terrorist attack.

Milo Yiannopoulos and Pamela Geller are freedom fighters. They are fighting for the right to tell it as it is.  And they are telling us to open our eyes, particularly about the dangers posed by the spreading influence of Islam.

In certain circles, the penalty for being homosexual
is to be thrown from a tall building

As a gay man, Milo could be threatened with execution, as other gay men have been,  while Pamela is subject to a Fatwa.

Our government, our educational system, our politicians, would rather preach nonsense such that 'Islam is a religion of peace.'  One only has to read the Koran and the other Islamic 'holy' books to know how false is such a claim.

Both these books are worth reading.  Milo's book is entertaining, as well as informative, while Pamela's book goes into detail about the numerous times she has spoken out, and by one method or other,  has been silenced.  This part of the book becomes a little tedious to read, and yet the sheer repetition rams home her point that freedom of speech is under enormous threat. 

Pamela Geller - 'The foundation of my work is individual rights and equality for all before the law. These are the foundational principles of our constitutional republic.  That is now considered controversial. Truth is the new hate speech. Truth is going to be criminalized.'     

Both books can be found online. Many bookshops will probably not stock them - further proof of the threat to freedom of speech. 

Friday, 8 December 2017

Remember Thalidomide?

For most of us, it is long ago, but for the ones who were born deformed by this drug, it is something they live with every day of their lives.

Gary Skyner is one of these people.  His autobiography, published recently,  is very much worth a read.

Here is what is said on one of the the selling sites, The Book Depository.

Gary Skyner's autobiography, You Can't, You Won't: A Life of Unarmed Combat, provides an honest, detailed account of his life as a thalidomide child. Gary was born severely disabled in 1959 after his mother was prescribed the thalidomide drug during pregnancy. Originally devised in 1957 by a German pharmaceutical company as a free sedative designed to combat morning sickness, thalidomide was first licensed in the UKâ in 1958. However, it became apparent that there was a surge in rare birth defects after pregnant women had been prescribed the drug. As one of the earliest in the UK to be born damaged by the deadly drug, Gary's life was destined to be difficult and challenging as it impaired his physical development. Expected not to live, let alone to achieve much, Gary is living proof that there is nothing you cannot achieve if you believe you can. Born with foreshortened arms in the Toxteth area of 1950's Liverpool, Gary explores how his parents' marital breakdown and his difficult relationship with his father were all caused, in Gary's eyes, by the strains of raising a disabled child. In addition to his troubles at home, Gary's tears turned to anger as he became aware of the government's reluctance to make provision for thalidomide victims, leading him to become active in campaigns in order to shame them into proper negotiation. You Can't, You Won't also explores how Gary's dreams came crashing down on him due to his limitations as a thalidomide child. As a lifelong Liverpool FC supporter, he always wanted to be a star player, but he soon realised he had to accept his limitations. Working first as a telephone operator, Gary later became a welder, a housing officer and a trained paralegal. Despite his difficult life, You Can't, You Won't also explores the happier times, including having two daughters and his comic and motivational speaker career. There has never been a dull moment and this autobiography explores his belief that life should be spiced with jokes and laughter. Written with conviction and humour, You Can't, You Won't is a story of courage and triumph that will appeal to those who enjoy memoirs, but also to those interested in the background of thalidomide births.

My review:

This is not a personal story and not a political story, but a combination of both because sometimes, the personal is political.  In the case of Gary Skyner, the politics started before he was born, when a greedy drug company released a drug before it was adequately tested. Gary's fight was for himself, to live a normal life in spite of the damage done by Thalidomide, but also for fair treatment from the company that caused the damage, and even with the Trust that was in charge of the money grudgingly released to the victims of Thalidomide.
It is not likely that Gary will ever be satisfied that the company has made sufficient recompense.  The damage was too great, the victims too many - not only the ones maimed as he was maimed, but those babies who died before or soon after they were born. And there are others, probably many others, whose symptoms were more subtle, and who will never know that their health problems were caused by the drug.
Gary's story is one of struggle. He had to overcome his handicap, but there are also those normal life problems we all have to navigate. He has achieved a great deal in his life, and that is why he became successful as a motivational speaker.  He is also successful in what has to be about the most difficult job in the world - that of a stand up comedian.
Plus he is an author. This is a good book. I recommend it.

Gary is shown here with a pile of his books. 

You can acquire a copy from Amazon or from The Book Depository, and probably from most other online booksellers.


Gary's book is a reminder - that one should never, ever, take chances by prescribing drugs to pregnant women.  I am concerned that this warning is being forgotten by the medical fraternity.  For instance,  pregnant women are advised to be vaccinated against Pertussis, usually with the combined vaccine, 'Boostrix.' (Pertussis, Diptheria, Tetanus.)  I am a perfectly healthy and non pregnant woman,  not one who is prone to allergic reactions, but I was bedridden for two days after having that vaccination, and felt the effects for months.  I assume that it is not given in early pregnancy, (I hope not)  but all the same, I question whether it should be given to pregnant women at all.  They are also often advised to have the flu vaccine - a vaccine that is changed every year, and therefore cannot possibly  be adequately tested. 

Now Gary has managed to achieve a great deal in his life.  But I am quite sure he would be the first to say, to YELL!  that one should NOT take any chances with pregnant women. I would hope we never see another such tragedy as those Thalidomide babies, now grown men and women. 

Friday, 22 September 2017

The Transgender Fad

Boys can grow up to be men, or they can grow up to be messed up men. They cannot grow up to be women. They can never be mothers.

It does not mean that little boys cannot play with dolls, or wear pink if they are so inclined.  When they grow up, they can be what they want, even if it is in a job usually thought of as for females. 

Girls. They can grow up to be women, or they can grow up to be messed up women. They cannot grow up to be men. They can never be fathers. 

That does not mean that little girls cannot play with trucks and when they are big enough, they can be whatever they want, even be a soldier if they can meet the fitness requirements. Or maybe they can tackle other jobs in which females are under-represented, like sewer workers or garbos. 

The picture to the left is from 1959. Little girls fifty years ago were not invariably dressed 'pink and frilly' as they seem to be now.  Rubber boots for muddy play, and overalls - freedom for girls as well as boys.   

Is the 'pink and frilly' standard dress part of the reason that some girls are revolting and saying that maybe being a boy is better?

Children must be free to be what they want - within  reason. But children should never, ever be encouraged to mess up their bodies with unrealistic expectations.  It is criminal that in certain circles, that seems to be exactly what is happening these days. It is bunkum to speak of someone being 'born in the wrong body.' It is not possible to be born into any body but your own. 

There have always been 'Trannies,' though the abbreviation stood for transvestites, not 'Transgender.' That is a new fad. 

Some stories I have heard just recently.
A husband and wife, who both decided to change sex, and now they are wife and husband.
A mother and son, who both decided to change sex, and now they are father and daughter.
A young man who decided to change sex, and is now a competitive football player - in women's competitions.

So we are told that it is very rare, and we should be understanding.  Rare?  So what an amazing coincidence that two in the same family 'discover'  that they were the opposite sex all along, and they need to change in order to be happy and fulfilled as they were always meant to be.

But what other motives could there possibly be?  


Well, right now, 'coming out'  as  Transgender is likely to get you considerable attention. You will be seen as 'brave.'  You might even get awards.  

Catherine McGregor (formerly Malcolm McGregor)  was very nearly given the award of  'Australian of the Year'  in 2016.  The award is supposed to be for someone who has made a particularly valuable contribution to Australia.
McGregor has made achievements.  He/she filled a senior position in the army,  was prominent in cricket, wrote a book and did some speech-writing, most of those achievements when he was Malcolm.

All the same, was it those achievements that won her consideration for that major award?  Or was it mostly because she was transgender?  
She acknowledged herself that it may have played a part when she complained that she did not win.  "I made a criticism about the choice of Australian of the Year based on my personal view that an opportunity had been missed to name an LGBTI Australian. This was poor judgement."

Sporting Success?

A sportsman who never quite made the top in male sport can now decide to be a woman and use his naturally heavier musculature and longer limbs to have a better chance against real women.  It seems the only requirement is that their testosterone level, when checked, is lower than a certain point. There is no requirement to have life-altering surgery, and indeed, it is deemed rude and insensitive to even ask.

Hannah Mouncey is a former male Olympian.  He/she now calls herself female, and is looking for a women's football club to join. She is 100kg, and 190cm tall.  He/she will be in a contact sport playing against women. 


Even for the Olympics, it appears the only rule to play as a woman is to have a level of Testosterone below a certain figure.  I expect that in the 2020 Olympics, we will see a bit of that. There goes women's sport!   

Here is another former man who is likely to be competing in the US Olympics Women's Volleyball team, Tia Thompson.



An easier prison sentence?

If a man in prison declares he is now a woman, he can demand free medication, and can also ask to be transferred to a women's prison.  There is a glaring example of the stupidity of this policy.  Martin Ponting was convicted of the rapes of two young girls, but once in prison, decided to be a woman instead.  So 'Jessica Winfield' was moved to a women-only prison (despite still having a perfectly usable penis)  but then had to be isolated because he was making unwanted advances to the real women.   

Other motives? 

In answer to my criticism of what I see as encouragement to go transgender, a facebook user posted this.  It contains some excellent points.

Baccus Olypus · 

As I recall, Marj, you write novels about a child who had his genitals altered. Many babies are born of indeterminate gender and are assigned a gender by doctors, and even operated on to make the baby one or the other – and that is generally only super
ficial appearance. So, if a girl is born with male looking organs, she may be classed as a boy. If a boy is born with an extremely small penis, they may register him as a girl, thinking he will have a happier life that way.

I presume someone of your intelligence and strong opinions knows about genetic sexual abnormalities from the standard XX and XY such as X, XXX, XXXX and XXXXX and XXY, XXXY, XYY - Then there are hormonal imbalances, before or after birth.

And then we come to psychological problems that may have less well understood biological bases or may simply be psychological, but still real.
Baccus is right that newborn babies can have ambiguous genitalia.  Almost always a simple check of XX or XY will show what the child is supposed to be.  And even if it is a boy who has been 'feminised' in the womb by an imbalance of hormones,  or a girl who has been 'masculinised,' it is far better to assign him to his true sex by checking  DNA.  The variations? Almost always, if there is a Y chromosone, the child will present as a boy. Variations such X, XXX, XXXX and XXXXX and XXY, XXXY?  I am not at all sure that some of those exists.  Multiple X chromosones, of course, will be girls,  though XXXX?  Maybe a non viable foetus, I would expect, though I am no expert.  

Baccus speaks of doctors assigning babies to the sex they think will suit best, even operating to make them 'fit' better. There have been quite a few boy children who were classed as girls because they had a small penis, or if it happened to be accidentally destroyed, often with a botched circumcision.  I remember being horrified when I read that a 'small' penis was anything under an inch long.  Surely a newborn boy's penis is only about an inch long!  

But that was mostly in the 70s and 80s when there was the conviction among certain 'experts' that a baby was malleable, and could be boy or girl depending on how he was raised.

One tragedy arising from this mistaken idea is well known, and related in the book 'As Nature Made Him: the boy who was raised as a girl' by John Calapinto.  

Identical twin boys were born, but one had his penis destroyed at the time of circumcision. The parents were convinced by the 'experts' that he would be perfectly happy if they simply raised him as a girl.

But it just did not work, in spite of an early castration,  in spite of the use of hormones, and in spite of some very determined 'counselling' to try and make the boy acknowledge that he was a girl.

The twin brother died of suicide after it was revealed that his sister was really his brother.  The young man chose to revert to living as a man.  I am not sure if he is still alive. 

So no, a baby is not that malleable. Sex is in the brain as well as in the genitals and natural hormones. The above sentence implies that when a boy says that he is 'really a girl,' or vice versa, then that should be catered to.  But there are people who say that a limb does not belong to them, and they beg doctors to amputate it. Ethical doctors do not comply. It is better that no person with the belief that a limb does not belong is unnecessarily handicapped, and it is better that those with 'gender dysphoria' accept their sex.  They can be 'boyish' girls or 'girlish' boys without taking on the pretence that they have changed sex. 

Baccus points out that I wrote a series of books featuring a boy/man who was castrated as a child. But  Shuki was not happy about it, and in just the second chapter of the first book, he manages to poison the doctor who performed the operation. Shuki lost the capability of enjoying sex, though he was lucky enough to find love anyway.  

My book is fiction. The only reason I can think of to deliberately castrate a male human is if his sex drive is perverse and damaging - for instance, it takes the form of wanting to hurt people.  

Or if he is an adult, and wants it.  Ten years ago, when I was researching castration and its effects, I looked at a site where many men spoke of their castration fantasies.  They wanted to be eunuchs.  Then, it was terribly, terribly difficult to find a 'cutter.'  Some resorted to self mutilation, trying to destroy their own testicles.  Some of the methods described were truly horrific!

But now, if that is what they want, all they need to do is pretend that they are 'a woman in a man's body' and they wish to 'transition.' They can achieve their wish to be emasculated a lot easier now than they could just ten years ago.

But a child or a young man?  They are perfectly likely to want to change their minds, and that is not easy. A eunuch will always be a eunuch.

Baccus Olypus 
If people are genuinely ‘recruiting’ then that is obviously wrong. I doubt this is a major problem. I think you quote a knee-jerk reaction to educating people about tolerance and understanding of other people’s problems, which can only be a good thing.

The trouble is they do seem to be encouraging it.  And they are doing it in schools!  In Australia, some years ago, the 'Safe Schools' programme was introduced.  It was presented as an anti-bullying programme, but within the programme was a great deal of radical gender theory.  When parents worked out what was actually happening, they made a fuss, and the federal government forced some changes, removing the more explicit sex education.  Does any child really need to model a vagina from plasticine?  Does any child really need to have his attention drawn to pornographic sites?  Or learn where to get sex toys?  The ins and out of anal sex?  Even how to disguise your internet history so your parents do not know what you have been researching?

The Victorian state government is more left-wing than most, and when the federal government withdrew funding for the more radical agenda-driven programme, they have funded it themselves instead. It is compulsory in state schools in Victoria. The parents are not permitted to have their child opt out, and they are not kept informed. There is information that the more radical aspects of the programme are quietly making their way back into the teachings in other states, as well.

My information about 'Safe Schools'  has mostly come from a mother who calls herself 'politicalpostingmumma' on facebook. This lady originally intended to be anonymous, for fear of a backlash when she spoke out against the pushing of the idea of gender fluidity and other such nonsense notions. 'Politicalpostingmumma' has had death threats, and once her identity was exposed, even her family has been threatened. 

And yet she is only saying what is. She reveals what is happening, keeps screen shots of the evidence (often removed when exposed)   and she posts references.

Similar programmes are forced on children in other countries, often without informing the parents.  I watched a video yesterday of a mother who said she was 'sick with fury.' A photograph had been spotted that showed her five-year-old son wearing a dress, the teacher said, and she had to go to see a counsellor for possible sex reassignment for the child. California, I think it was, by memory. 

The mother said that, for a start, it was a football jersey, not a dress, and even if it was a dress, there was no possible reason for 'sex reassignment.' 

Of course, there was not. People do not appear to realise that 'sex reassignment' for a boy means castration, chemical to begin with, and later, physical castration. They want to turn these boys into eunuchs! Whether he chooses to have sex with a male or female, a eunuch is going to have his sex drive turned off, and while hormone treatment might restore it to some degree, it will never be the same, as well as increasing the risks of cancer and stroke.  

I read a story the other day about a twelve-year-old who was helped to 'transition' to a girl, but within a year, understood that it was a mistake, and is now living as a boy again. But physical damage had been done by the hormones - puberty blockers - and there are very likely going to be permanent consequences of that, even if it is only that he is shorter than he should have been. 

His parents were supportive when he decided he wanted to be a girl, just as they were encouraged to be by the sex counsellors. And they were supportive (and probably vastly relieved) when he decided he really preferred to be a boy after all. 

It was made too easy.  That boy should never have been messed up by adults who were pushing their radical theories onto school children.

Little children like to dress up, and girls' clothes tend to be more interesting than men's clothes.  If a small boy puts on a dress or tries mummy's makeup, don't make it more than it is.  The little boy pictured is now a doting daddy himself.

If a bigger boy likes to put on women's clothing and wear makeup, he is probably gay.  That is fine, nothing wrong with it.  

But if he starts pretending that he's really a woman, be polite about it, sure.  But he will never really be a woman, and anyone who tries to encourage the gay boy to start 'transitioning' is not doing him a favour.

Let them be gay, but they are still male. And no treatment should be given to any child, male or female, until he is fully adult and can make the decision himself - without being influenced by radical gender theory.

And yet, the politically correct viewpoint these days appears to be the idea that gender is 'fluid' and any boy, no matter the age, who expresses a desire to be a girl, should be catered for.  And any girl who expresses a desire to be a boy, likewise should be catered for.  So now we hear of small children of five, six and seven changing sex.

Some parents worry that they will find that their child has started to 'transition' without them knowing. In Victorian schools, they are introducing school doctors who can give children medication without informing the parents. But could there be any doctors so irresponsible as to use their power to help a child 'transition?' I guess it rather depends on how they recruit their doctors.  

So far, it is only in secondary schools, and probably has more to do with the prevention of pregnancy and the treatment of STDs than it does with transgender issues.  I hope so. 

Gender is not fluid. You cannot change sex. All you can do is produce confused children, and if the 'transitioning' goes too far, irreversible and serious physical effects. 

I am not an expert.  I do not need to be.  People need to do their own research.

Here are a few references to start with.

Information about the 'Safe Schools' programme.  


An article by Denise Shick, about using children as weapons in the gender culture wars.
I recommend this article.


A child relates what happened at school

Headline - California school won't let kids opt out of transgender lessons.


Labor's vision for a transgender world,  by Chris McCormack and Patrick J. Byrne

News Weekly, September 23, 2017 http://newsweekly.com.au/article.php?id=57810

A boy changes his mind after two years.

The explosion in children wanting to be transgender after the introduction of so-called 'Safe Schools.''

This web page belongs to M. A. McRae, author of the Shuki series.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Sentimental Attachment

Can one become sentimentally attached to a clothes peg?

Long ago, my mum gave me my very last Christmas stocking.  I was in my early twenties and had just returned from a lengthy overseas trip.  I assume there were the usual items  - a little paperback book maybe, a few lollies, a set of ballpoint pens -  whatever she could think of, I guess, for a daughter no longer a child.  I have long forgotten what else was included, but one thing I was quite tickled with - a set of vivid pink clothes pegs.  So bright.  I like bright.

Well, that was decades ago, and those special clothes pegs have been in my peg box ever since.  The containers have changed, the pegs lasted.  And lasted.  They became old and faded and brittle, nearly white now.  

I picked one up this morning to use it, and, as always, I remembered my mum and I remembered that long ago Christmas stocking.  I was just reflecting that there was no point really in valuing such a small item when the one in my hand broke.

There are only a few left now.  Can one really become sentimentally attached to a clothes peg? Should I maybe put those few aside in order to keep them?

Naaah.  They are only clothes pegs.  That would be silly.

Possum Park, a favourite caravan park.

Sometimes, there is an especially nice place that I want other people to know about and enjoy. This one is a caravan park, not in a town, which means that if you don't know about, it is easy to miss.    But if you are travelling, it is one to note. Possum Park. It is in inland NSW, 20 kms north of the small township of Miles.

The 350 acres that is now Possum Park was once called RAAF Kowguran.

During WW2, it was a munitions depot.  The twenty underground bunkers were used for storing explosives.

They are now used for other things, including some cosy accommodation for visitors.

There are other unusual accommodation options available. Certainly there are some modern units, that seem boring by comparison with the cabins that used to be train carriages, or WW2 ammunition bunkers, or the newest attraction, yet to be available, in an old TAA aeroplane.

The train carriages - 

In some of the small carriages, there are things of interest that one would find in a museum.  In another,  there is a lovely little 'reading room.'  Everywhere, there are features to make a stay enjoyable.  

Once was a train.

There are gardens everywhere.  Sometimes unusual items are turned into garden features.

The Bush Chapel

There are the standard features of a good caravan park,  powered sites (of course)  a camp kitchen,  and sitting areas.  An unusual addition is the little bush chapel. 

One of the sitting areas. 

The picture below is the office.  Price is reasonable,  bookings advisable.  So next time you are travelling through the region known as the Western Downs of NSW,  I recommend a visit to Possum Park.   Phone (07) 4627 1651

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Islam is winning

Islam is winning.

Islam wants to make the whole world part of its ‘Ummah.’ In other words, all of us to become Muslims.  The Koran commands it. Muhammad, when he first decided he was having revelations from Allah, tried to persuade people to follow him,  and when persuasion didn't work very well, he used treachery and murder instead. The more followers he managed, the bigger army he had at his command. He used his army to make himself rich, give his ‘soldiers’ plenty of booty to share, including of course, slaves, and the more he was able to force Islam onto his neighbours.
Those we now call Islamists are active in following his example. Mostly, they use modern tactics such as demanding concessions that no other religion would think of demanding, by using the absurdities of modern-day political correctness, and by depicting themselves as victims of Islamophobia at the slightest excuse, sometimes a manufactured excuse.
And they use terrorism. 'We will not be beaten,' people say whenever there is a new terrorist outrage. 'They may have guns but we have flowers.'  And,  'We will not allow them to make us afraid.'
No?  In Turin, Italy, 4th June, 2017, one and a half thousand people were hurt stampeding from a bang, possibly from a fire-cracker.  People might try and convince themselves that terror is not winning, but when so many people can be hurt because of an imaginary bomb, then it is clearly winning.
It is winning in many, many ways.
Each time some commentator speaks of the issue of terrorism without using the words 'Islam,'  'Muslim'  or even 'Islamist,'  then it is a win for Islam. The Australian ABC is laughable for its avoidance of any hint that Islam might have something to do with terrorism, even though almost every terrorist attack in the last fifteen years has been by Muslims in pursuit of its Islamist agenda.
They win each time a terrorism 'expert' pretends that Islamist terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Waleed Aly, TV presenter and Muslim did a lengthy report on terrorism, and blamed it on everything else but Islam. (http://www.heraldsun.com.au/blogs/andrew-bolt/waleed-aly-on-terrorism-no-mention-of-islam/news-story/33a81d0c970b2f796ddf3c203e23877e)
They win when ordinary people hesitate to use the word 'Muslim' when it is obviously a Muslim. There was a ludicrous example in regard to the second London Bridge attack (June 3rd, 2017) - a witness saw one of the perpetrators with his knife, he was shouting 'This is for Allah,'  and yet the witness 'couldn't say' whether he was a Muslim. I guess he thought that if he said it was a Muslim, then he would be 'racist.'  But if he was that close, he was lucky not to have had the knife slashing at his throat, and that is a lot more serious than simply being called a stupid word.
Each time a blogger gets criticised for telling it like it is, that is also a win for the Islamists. Some facebook accounts are repeatedly closed down because they speak of Islam - not 'hate speech,'  nothing that actually threatens Muslims for being Muslims, but merely for explaining the facts of the religion. 
Each time that schools bow to pressure and make special concessions to Muslims, it is a win for Islam and a defeat of Western values of civilisation. Some schools are now making their students learn about Islam, except that they only learn the dressed up version, not the facts. There was one school that had a 'Hijab Day.'  Hijabs are a sign of the subjugation of women. They have no place in schools or anywhere else.

Islam wins every time some asinine popstar says something like all we need is love and understanding and terrorists will no longer be terrorists. Such blatant idealism, such willful blindness, only delays the day we see the enemy and finally start to fight. 

Islam wins when those who calls themselves 'feminist' refuse to call them out on their misogyny.  Some have worn hijabs and called it feminist!  Anne Aly, Labor MP and former ABC personality, called it 'the most feminist religion.'  (March, 2017)  It states in the Koran that  a woman is worth half of a man, and that a husband should beat a wife from whom he fears disobedience. In the most Islamic of states they cover her in a black shroud as if she was not a person at all. Feminist? Baloney.
Islam wins when eyes are deliberately turned away from Islamic practices such as the forced marriage of underage girls.  It especially wins when a truly awful Islamic practice, female genital mutilation, is defended.  Germaine Greer!  She was once a highly respected feminist.  Now she equates FGM with voluntary cosmetic surgery.  It is a very different thing, lady!  Ask Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  (http://triggeralert.blogspot.com.au/2011/01/germaine-greer-on-male-female-genital.html) 

Indonesia, once regarded as a 'moderate' Islamic nation. A Christian politician was charged with blasphemy because he ventured to say that it was not a Koranic command that Muslims could only vote for Muslims. That was a very big and very significant win for Islam.  Ahok (aka Basuki Tjahaja Purnama) is now serving a two year prison term for blasphemy.  (http://www.smh.com.au/world/jailing-of-jakarta-governor-ahok-puts-focus-back-on-indonesian-blasphemy-laws-20170512-gw3f40.html) 
Islam wins when European nations pass laws that outlaw criticism of Islam. That is a particularly sinister development. 
Islam wins when formerly modernising countries turn more and more to the severe form of Islam. Look at pictures of countries such as Iran and Afghanistan in the 1960s, and look at them now. Pity the poor women now enveloped in black. In Saudi Arabia, a woman is not permitted outside the house without the escort of a male guardian.

Islam wins when atheist bloggers are executed, and it wins when, in more and more areas, the brutality of Sharia Law is embraced.
Islam wins when Muslim communities succeed in making their area a 'No go'  area for others, including police. There are said to be more and more 'no go'  areas throughout Europe. There should be none.
And it wins when an occasional blogger - like myself - wonders about possible repercussions before pressing 'publish.'   


Learn about Islam. It is important.

Suggested books:

1.  Bill Warner, PHD, translation of the Koran and the Hadith, books about Islam. From Amazon: 'Bill Warner holds a PhD in physics and mathematics. He has been a university professor, businessman, and applied research physicist.
Warner had a life-long interest in religions, including Islam, and their effects on history and civilizations. After the 9/11 New York jihad attacks, he began working on making the Islamic political doctrine, which impacts non-Muslims, available to the average person. 

2. Ayaan Hirsi Ali knows Islam as few others know it. She has written several books, every single one of them a learning experience for the reader.

3. 'The Story of Mohammad'   
            Harry Richardson.  

Based on the Hadith, one of the 'Holy' books of Islam, this is the story of Muhammad's life. Richardson puts it in order, and makes it easy to understand while never deviating from what is accepted as truth by Muslims.  
This book is truly an eye-opener.