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Books that I have Written

It is said that one cannot write a decent book without writing a million words first.
Well, I managed well over two million words before I wrote a book that I deemed worthwhile.
It is an unusual book that fits no genre. There were favourable words from legitimate publishers before I had an offer from one.

That first publisher turned out to be a disaster. When I first saw the book in paperback form, instead of being thrilled,  I was horrified and very angry.  I thought I had done my homework - acquaintances that had been published by him previously only had good things to say. But the all-but-immaculate manuscript I had submitted was now riddled with introduced errors, and I was mortified.

Well, he made corrections until the presentation was acceptable, but all the same, we parted company.  The quality of that book, republished, and the several afterwards, have been satisfactory.

Sales of that first book have never sky-rocketed, but trundle along even without any great effort at promotion.  I don't actually know where the sales come from. I am only pleased that they do.

That was 'Not a Man,' first published in 2011.

The idea of the boy eunuch started when we had our beloved young dog desexed - what most responsible owners do.  Our dog sulked for a few days afterwards, but then accepted it.  After all, what choice did he have?

It started me wondering how a boy would accept the change. What if he had no choice?  What if he had no home to go to?   What if taking revenge or even leaving the master would have him starve?

And so was born Shuki, a bright boy from the slums of an Arabian city.  Shuki was a beautiful boy, and the reason for the castration was that he was to 'stay beautiful.' He was a bed-boy.

The book was not set in ancient times.  The illegal operation was performed in 1972. In some countries, there is still slavery, and some of those slaves are turned into eunuchs, even today.  Sadly, it does happen. That part is not fiction.

The book excited some controversy when published, as the castration of a boy is such a wicked thing to do.  And yet, oddly, it is becoming more and more common, except that the castrations are not meant to create eunuchs, but to pretend that the boy is 'really' a female, and the nonsense that he was 'born into the wrong body.'

 It does not work, of course.  No matter the hormones, a boy or man cannot turn into a woman.  It is odd that, not even a decade ago, 2011, castrating a boy was viewed as a horrifying crime.  Now it is called 'affirmation therapy.'

But back to my book, a work of fiction.

Shuki  is an engaging character.   "The character of Shuki is naive and wise, complex and empathetic,"  as one reviewer said. 

People fall in love with Shuki.  I fell in love with him myself, couldn't bear to leave him, and so there are now three more books in the series.  

And these are the Shuki books.  It may be a series, but they can be read individually.  Each one has a satisfactory conclusion. I detest books than end in a cliffhanger. None of my books end in cliffhangers.

In the final book, 'The Frost and the Sunshine,' Shuki moves from his home in Arabia. He is looking for a more peaceful life, and he finds it in Australia.

I made his new home in NSW, between Uralla and Armidale, though they go by different names in the book.    The photograph above was how I imagined his home, even though it was taken a few hundred miles from Armidale. 


Then came the Penwinnard Stories.  These are not a series as much as a series of stories as each is complete in itself.

The first story starts with Bob.  He escapes a very bad situation, and he has to hide, as there are those who would not hesitate to kill him if they knew he was still alive.  He finds himself in a Boys' Home called Penwinnard. 

I set it on the coast of Cornwall, and the beach there becomes as much a part of the stories as the boys, so full of life and spirit.

Bob is a character in each of the six stories, but is not the main character in most.  In the second, we meet Sid, in the third, it is Frank, and then Stevie and the fifth features the full-of-character Mutty.

In the sixth book, we return to Bob, and find him a 'happy-ever-after' conclusion.

The next book I have written is entirely different.

It is called 'The Death Mother' and it started with a dream. I started the novel with that same dream.

'It was a dream that began it, not just the dream, but the feeling that went with it - the feeling of an enormous love and compassion. I held the poor, poor, skinny old lady in my arms. I held her with love, and she felt no pain from all of the sore spots and all of the aches that go with an old, old body. She weighed nothing at all, and I held her so gently. She needed to die. She needed to leave the body that was only a burden for her. It had been so long since she'd been young and free. For years she had yearned for an end to the suffering. She wanted to endure no longer.

And I gave her that. That body in my arms, weightless, feeling no pain for the first time in years. And she died. I gave her that. She died, and I carefully put her back in her bed and covered her. She was finally gone, finally free, finally without pain. Love. Compassion. And I freed her.' 

So it is a story of old people in Nursing Homes who yearn for release.

 It is also a story of Shirley, who discovers the power of releasing those who need release. 

She describes herself -  'Just a very ordinary, middle-aged lady. Grey-haired, a worn face, and my own beginning aches and pains, the sign of what was to come, the trials that old people endure every day.'

Shirley declares herself an atheist, but it is like a god sometimes declares himself in her story.  How could she bring about a death without the intervention of something more powerful than herself? 

In some ways, this could even be termed a religious book, even if not precisely Christian. 

  'The Death Mother' is quite a short book, less than 60,000 words.

My most recent publication is this one.   

But don't worry.  Since it really is very, very, very boring,  I made only one copy and that is for me. 

All my books, (barring the boring one)  are available from online booksellers as ebooks or as paperbacks from online booksellers such as The Book Depository, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Amazon. 


And since I really am very proud of it, I am going to finish with a review of 'Not a Man.'  It is not the whole review. I deleted a couple of 'spoilers.' 

'Outstanding for its originality and depth, M.A. McRae’s Not a Man is an amazing work that will transport you to a foreign world. It will let you experience a lifestyle and culture that is most likely vastly different from any with which you are familiar.

'This is not a story for the faint-hearted. If you read to escape to a fantasy world where heroes are gallant, heroines are beautiful and spoiled, and endings are always happy, you may not enjoy it. If you are reluctant to face the reality of man’s inhumanity to man, or to recognize that some people enjoy sex in a way that others regard as perverted, it may shock and distress. If you struggle to recognize that those whose beliefs, moral standards and lifestyles many in our civilization abhor are, nevertheless, real people capable of kindness, compassion and love, it may enlighten you, but also disturb you.

'I recognized immediately I began reading that M.A. McRae was no ordinary writer. She has the ability to draw the reader into the story – to bring her characters and settings to life in the readers’ mind. She has a knack of portraying characters a reader may want to despise for their unpalatable behaviour in a way that compels you to understand and forgive their foibles and admire their better qualities. The people she describes are a product of their culture. We may not approve of aspects of their lifestyle, but we are drawn to understand how they came to be what they are and to appreciate and applaud their efforts to be empathetic and charitable.

'I wanted to hate Hassanel: a man who could arrange the castration of a child for his sexual pleasure. I wanted to find him vile and repulsive in every way. But I got to know a man for whom this conduct was an acceptable part of the culture in which he had been raised and educated, but who had the capacity to genuinely care for Shuki and want to protect him.

'Shuki found his way into my heart. The little boy from the slums who so feared a return to abject poverty that he would agree to an operation he feared, believing he could arrange his escape before it was done, used his charm and guile to secure his own future and to help his suffering family. 

'This book is confronting, but M.A. McRae handles sex scenes tactfully and with respect for readers. Her characters grow and learn, gradually realizing the illogical cruelty of customs such as casting women out as punishment for being victims of a man’s criminal act and the dreadful long-term consequences of castration. We experience the pain and suffering of a eunuch. We share his fears. We grieve with him over his inability to experience sexual pleasure and to anticipate marriage and fatherhood. At the same time, however, we are shown the unique beauty and gentleness that results from castration before puberty. We are helped to recognize the compelling attraction some men feel to a beautiful eunuch. Their behaviour may disturb us, but we are unable to resist the urge to sympathize.

'Not a Man is not light reading. It’s a heavy-weight and gut-wrenching tale that will alter your perspective on sensitive issues and your view of the culture and lifestyle it describes.

'This is an impressive and memorable work by an author with impressive talent, and one I recommend to readers with confidence that it may shock, but it will never disappoint.' 

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

The Question of Abortion

In NSW (Australia)  an attempt has been made to rush through a new law that removes abortion from the criminal code.  On the face of it, it sounds as if it would be no problem, a simple matter of procedure.

For the past 40 years or so in NSW,  a woman has been able to request an abortion in the first trimester without any problem.  It is routine and has been for many, many years. There has been no problem, and no doctor or woman has been charged with it as criminal.

But this bill goes far further than that.  It provides for abortion on demand up to 22 weeks. 
22 weeks not 12 weeks. By 22 weeks, the foetus is well along the path to becoming a baby. It is no longer a termination, but a killing. Further, if the woman gets the permission of just two doctors, she can have an abortion up to birth. And that is a different matter entirely.  There is an uproar.

Most commonly, the media describes it as two opposing groups - those who are 'pro-choice' in all circumstances, and those opposed to abortion in all circumstances.

Most people,  most  people, are willing to allow the mother to choose termination in the first trimester of pregnancy.  Yes, it may be sad and wrong, but sometimes, it is more sad and more wrong for the pregnancy to proceed. And that is the mother's choice and the mother's alone.


The embryo grows to become a foetus and the foetus grows to become a baby.  

And most people, most  people, are not willing to allow that baby to be killed without very good reason.  Late term abortion is criminal, and should not be accepted as merely the mother's choice.  

There are two circumstances where it might be a sad necessity - if the woman has some health problem that means her life is threatened if she continues with the pregnancy, and secondly, if it is a non-viable foetus.  In those circumstances, yes.  

But a mere change of mind?  No.  
Because the baby is the 'wrong'  sex?   Absolutely not.  In some countries, there are so many girl babies aborted that the population is becoming very severely skewed.  Even in Victoria (Australia)  where such a law was passed a few years back,  there are supposed to be 300 'missing' girls - girls who were never born because they were aborted for not being boys.  In Victoria, a certain Dr. Hobart is in trouble because he refused to refer a woman to an abortion clinic for reasons of sex selection.  This bill provides no protection for doctors whose moral code precludes the killing of a healthy foetus.  

Once, I would have thought that no woman would consider the action of aborting a baby without very good reason.  But in America, where there is a lot of argument about the matter, it is said that late-term abortions are common, even that the parts of aborted foetuses are sold for profit.  I don't know how much of this is true.  I hope not much. 

And yet, I have seen a Monster pretending to be a woman, and purporting to be a Feminist  (how that term has become misused!)  actually boasting that she has had abortions, another saying that she envied those who had had abortions.  How utterly sick is that?

My position is the same as what I think is most people's - that it is the women's choice in the first trimester.  Afterwards - now that is a very different matter. 

This bill needs to be soundly beaten.  If a new bill is put forward, it must say 12 weeks, not 22 weeks.  And in no circumstances can a foetus be terminated because it is the wrong sex. 

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Dhimmitude and how to be a good dhimmi

The Dhimmi Pact.

Historically, dhimmitude is a term used by Muslims to describe Christians and Jews living under their rule after conquest.  To be allowed to live as a non-Muslim was regarded as a privilege that could be revoked at any time.

 In return for being allowed to live, they had to pay an annual tax, called the Jizya.  The jizya was 'compensation' for the Muslim for not being permitted to kill the non-Muslim. To live under a pact of Dhimma was mostly only available to non-Muslims who were 'people of the book,'  (Jews and Christians)  though there were exceptions.

But mostly, other religions or those of no religion were not offered the chance to live under a Dhimma Pact, and would normally be slaughtered if they refused to convert to Islam.

There were specific rules when the jizya was paid.  As well as acting with utter humility before Muslims, the dhimmi had to kneel when proffering the Jizya, and, once paid, the dhimmi was to receive a cuff on the neck as a reminder that he was lucky to retain his head.

'Abject submission' is required of the Dhimmi.  (Koran, 9.29)  

For a full explanation, and an insight into the history of dhimmitude, watch this excellent video by Mark Durie.


Acts that may not have intended to be that of a dhimmi, 

but certainly appear that way.

March 14th, 2019, there was a man who committed a massacre in New Zealand. The victims were Muslims at worship.   51 dead.  It was a tragedy.

New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, donned a hijab to demonstrate sympathy and unity with the victims.

And then the Islamic Call to Prayer was broadcast over New Zealand,  a call that states, among other things, that there is no god but Allah.  That statement is blasphemy for all other religions, including Christianity, the main religion of most Western countries.

The translation: 

Allahu Akbar

God is Great

I bear witness that there is no god except the One God.

I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God.

Hurry to the prayer (Rise up for prayer)

Hurry to success (Rise up for Salvation)

Allahu Akbar

God is Great

There is no god except the One God

Jacinda Ardern has worn the hijab several times since. Maybe she likes the effect, and is oblivious to what it symbolises - the subjugation of women, but more importantly, it represents a religion that has, as its core, the idea that non-Muslims do not deserve to live.  They should either convert, be killed, or if they are lucky, be permitted to live as a dhimmi.  Ardern is playing the part of a dhimmi.  

April 2019:  the Pope actually knelt and kissed the feet of South Sudan's rival leaders.  It was supposedly an act of humility 'aimed at promoting peace.'

I suppose the Sudanese could have interpreted it that way, but I think it more likely that it would have evoked only contempt.

There are lesser acts of apparent dhimmitude in Western nations, even though they have not been conquered by Islam.

Firstly, there is the exaggerated respect paid to Muslims. far above the respect paid to any other religion.

Look at how Islam is almost invariably described as a 'religion of peace.'  The idea that Islam is peaceful is contradicted by 1400 years of warfare, as well as more recent acts of terrorism. Islam may be a lot of things, but it is not 'peaceful.'

Western Leaders' exaggerated praise of Islam.  

Bill Shorten

Labor's Open Letter to Australian Muslim Organizations: (after Christchurch)

"To whom it may concern,

We have been very distressed by recent reports about the Australian Islamic community being wrongly blamed for the crimes of ISIL, including assaults and other forms of vilification.

Labor stands shoulder to shoulder with Australia’s Islamic community and, now more than ever, we are committed to tolerance, social cohesion, mutual respect and multiculturalism.
Labor will continue to work with you to stop misinformation, bigotry and prejudice directed at the Australian Islamic community.

Regrettably, some in our community, including a very few elected representatives, have made comments which have the potential to damage community harmony and inflame tensions. Labor strongly opposes these ill-informed and dangerous views and we will continue to speak out against them.

We know that the twisted ideology of ISIL bears no relation to a faith of peace, love and tolerance which is followed by millions around the world – and we will continue to make this point. ISIL has no right to use the name of Islam.

We will work with you to help stop ISIL spreading division, radicalising disaffected and vulnerable young people. We will not allow them to nurture intolerance and create a world where people fear the unknown and resent differences.

The Islamic story in Australia has a rich history and grows stronger each year. Australia’s Muslim community continues to do our nation a great service by fostering enduring cultural and religious harmony, and making a substantial contribution to our national prosperity.'

and so on.

Obama:  2015  “The world must continue to lift up the voices of Muslim clerics and scholars who teach the true peaceful nature of Islam.

The Pope,  May, 2019:

Pope Francis continues to say that Islam is a great religion. He fails to defend his own religion. He fails in the test of loyalty to the millions of Catholics who regard him as God's representative on Earth.  In a trip to Morocco, for instance, he allowed (or suggested?)  that the crescent of Islam actually encircled the Christian cross, which implies that Christianity is to disappear within Islam.  He has several times spoken of One World Religion,''  and in view of his actions and words, the religion he envisages is more Islamic than Christian. 

As Robert Spencer rightly notes: "Pope Francis is not only disastrously wrongheaded about an obvious fact that is reinforced by every day’s headlines; he is also deceiving and misleading his people about a matter of utmost importance, and keeping them ignorant and complacent about a growing and advancing threat." 
Stifling Criticism of Islam is Dhimmitude.

Social media is in the grip of a purge. It is not concentrating on the censorship of violence or pornography, or even incitement to violence.

Instead, it is concentrated on criticism of Islam. Anyone who dares to speak critically of the ideology of Islam, and anyone who shares videos of acts of Islamic terrorism, is likely to face suspension or cancellation of their accounts.

Many have now been banished, including Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer and Gavin McInnes.

Pamela Geller's influence is being reduced. She has always taken care to be factual, but that does not stop her being labelled 'fake news' and even 'hate speech.'

Tommy Robinson, who has seen what harm Muslim  immigration has done to his London suburb of Luton, and is vocal about it, has been removed from all social media platforms.  He has been effectively 'depersoned.'

Aynaz Anni Cyrus made a post on facebook some months ago, though she has not yet been removed.

'Looks like I'll be disappearing soon. My work to expose Islam will continue.'    

 Typical reactions to that post"They are attacking anyone who speaks out against muslims, I got a 3 day suspension for speaking out against them,"  and "Those bastards,the liberal deep state is bound and determined to censor all voices who are speaking the truth about Islam!" 

Katie Hopkins warns of the increasing influence of Islam,  The video (link below) shows how she has been punished for it.

Michelle Malkin:

and Sargon of Akkad

A dhimmi will deny that Islam is responsible for nearly all the savage acts of terrorism we hear about daily. 

This is routine. When there is a terrorist act, the media and politicians do their best to pretend that Islam had nothing at all to do with it.

And Muslims are very quick to cry 'racism' if the pretense is not good enough.

May, 2019: Muslims made an official complaint when NSW Police ran a counter-terrorism exercise, and had the pretend terrorists wearing the same sort of headwear as a Muslim man might wear. They were made to apologise.  I think I remember London police also in trouble for that.

And European human rights chiefs have told the British press it must not report when terrorists are Muslim Instead, they often say 'Motive unknown' or call it 'workplace violence' or, frequently, 'Mental issues.'

Muslim involvement in other crime is also concealed whenever possible:

The incidence of sexual crime, including frank rape, surged in Sweden with the influx of Muslim refugees.  One response from the authorities has been to instruct that statistics may not be kept on the ethnic origin of rapists and other criminals. 

Australia:  A particularly nasty gang rape. The identity of the rapists was concealed.

 Islamic terrorist attacks  There are so many, and yet some will still say things like 'white supremacy' is a bigger threat.

Western Leaders are making grants of money for the teaching of Islam

eg Tony Blair gave a grant of a million pounds to support the study of Islam in British universities.

eg. Australia, grants of money handed to Muslims for 'Deradicalisation Programmes.' 
We know now how small a chance of success these programmes have. That is hardly surprising since violent jihad is encouraged in the Koran, and is following the example of Muhammad, he being the 'perfect man,' of course.

Western Leaders allowing Islamic prayers in their parliaments.

May 9, 2019, Imam Omar Suleiman delivers opening prayers at the US House of Representatives.

Omar Sulieman

Cheri Berens: "Omar Suleiman served as the Imam of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Jefferson Muslim Association in New Orleans, Louisiana for six (6) years. The Jefferson Muslim Association property is owned by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) which was identified by the Department of Justice in the US v HLF trial as a Muslim Brotherhood entity which provided money directly to the terrorist group Hamas overseas."

19th March, 2019.  New Zealand Parliament opens with an Islamic prayer.

Treating non-Muslims unfairly in order to pander to Muslims
Britain refused to accept an asylum seeker because it would annoy their Muslim minority.  This was
Asia Bibi,  a Pakistani Christian. There was an argument with Muslim women when they were collecting water, with the result an accusation of blasphemy.  After many years in prison, she was cleared, but could not be released because of threats from those who wanted her dead. She begged for asylum overseas.

Britain refused her, because of security concerns and fears of 'unrest,' they said. She was finally
accepted by Canada.  I have not shared her picture, as this woman will probably always be threatened by Muslims, wherever there is a substantial Muslim minority.  Canada may not be as frightened of their Muslim minority as Britain seems to be, but it may come.

Police siding with Muslims when there is conflict

This is a sad thing, when police are so frightened to be labelled 'racist' that they will not act against Muslims.

In Melbourne, Australia, there is a big problem with gangs of young men, mostly Sudanese, who act as if they are among a conquered people.  When there is gang violence, there are seldom arrests, as these arrogant young men do not respect the police. The police are frightened of them.

The aftermath.
Blood on the car door.
For a long time, politicians and the media denied there was a problem.  Even now, it is downplayed, though I saw something the other day about them especially targeting elderly people for home invasion.  Australia has strict gun laws, so they have no fear of being killed when ransacking a home, beating up the occupants and stealing their car. 

But even when the media is silent, word spreads. I heard of a man the other day.  He'd been talking about his home in Melbourne. They are frightened to return, he says.  When they are there, they are afraid to sleep. 

The thing is that these young men grew up in a lawless country, they tend to be taller, stronger and more athletic than native Australians, and they have not been taught to respect the police or anyone else. More than that, they are Muslim, and that carries with it the knowledge that their religion will not condemn when they attack non-Muslims.  They think they are infinitely superior to non-Muslims.

Catering to these attitudes is dhimmitude.

In Britain, the UK police seem to be exceptionally good at dhimmitude.  When a Muslim attacked Tommy Robinson,  the attacker was not arrested, and is seen crowing about it afterward.

The British police seem to hate Tommy Robinson, who has pointed to their failings, especially their utter failure to protect non-Muslim girls from Muslim rape gangs.

They should be impartial. They are not.

Are British Police enforcing Sharia Law?  A speech to the EU

Jayda Fransen (Party Britain First)   made a speech that spoke of the way that Islam is attacking our way of life.

Jayda Fransen


“Sentencing her, the judge said the words she used were “unlawful”, adding that normally a custodial sentence would be imposed.'

What was “unlawful”–or untrue — about Jayda Fransen’s words? Nothing. We can only conclude that British justice has reached such a sorry state that judges now treat as “unlawful” those statements about Islam which may be perfectly true, but which must not be said lest non-Muslims think worse of Islam."

Instructing women to dress more modestly so as not to offend (or tempt to rape?) Muslim men.

This is happening in Europe, mostly, where huge numbers of Muslims, mostly men, have immigrated.  Rape statistics have sky rocketed.

Other acts of Dhimmitude

Art works are covered in case Muslims are offended by nudity.

draped nude

Nude statues

Covering up symbols of Christianity such as crosses in case they offend Muslims.

The crosses on graves in an Italian cemetery in Pieve di Cento have been covered with black cloth so as not to offend Muslims.

Islam is taught in schools, but always a sanitised version. 

America's first amendment  is supposed to ensure neutrality between religions as well as providing for  freedom of religion. But while teaching Christianity in schools is being increasingly frowned upon, it is not the case with the teaching of Islam.

8/5/19 By Paul Bois, Daily Wire, May 7, 2019:

"A school district in Seattle has sent out a letter asking teachers to bless its Muslim students in Arabic during the month of Ramadan and give them preferential treatment, such as obtaining dispensations for classes and exams, reports Fox News."

Another US school teaching Islam


How the idea of dhimmitude could be influencing the actions of Muslims 

According to Mark Durie's video, while the idea of dhimmitude was supposed to have died with the Ottoman Empire, the assumption of dhimmitude is still very much present in Islamic teaching.

An important part of the dhimmitude code is that the infidels should pay them money. 

Many Muslims do not seem to feel at all bad when they live on social security. Their rates of welfare dependency always seems to be much higher than other groups.

There have even been several who have left Australia to go to fight for Al Nusra or ISIS, and yet continue to receive the Disability Pension. They do not seem to have the slightest guilt about betraying those who have only been their benefactors.

There are Childcare scams and Insurance scams. Other people also indulge in scams. The difference is that, for Muslims, there is no conflict with morality. The Koran explicitly says that the non-Muslim is worthless, and frequently says they should be killed.

Maybe this, too, is about dhimmitude, that they expect that non-Muslims should give them money.

An article about a childcare fraud in Adelaide.

One of the provisions of the dhimma code is that churches may not be built or repaired.

Churches are being attacked in many countries of the world. Even in Australia, there seem to be a lot of churches being burnt down, though I am not aware of any accusations having been made.


 Image left is picked up from a facebook page.

Some of those destroyed churches could be accidents.  Some could have been destroyed by non-Muslim vandalism. 

It is still an impressive number of churches lost in just four years. 

Hundreds of churches have been destroyed by Boko Haram in Nigeria.
To the right is the image of one that was burnt down in 2015

Christians must not hold public office over a Muslim

Remember the case of the Indonesian mayor imprisoned for blasphemy. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, or 'Ahok.'   He stated that the Koran does not say that Muslims cannot vote for a non-Muslim. So he was convicted of blasphemy even when the Koran never mentions voting at all.

So what that says to Muslims world-wide is that they must always vote for a Muslim candidate over a non-Muslim. 

That Muslims feel non-Muslim women and girls are freely available to them. 

From Pamela Geller:
The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (Quran 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30).

The 'Asian' (meaning Pakistani Muslim
s)  g
rooming gangs in the UK.

Dhimmitude is covering up for them.  It appears that some councils covered up abuse for years. According to Tommy Robinson, speaking of his home suburb of Luton, there was an incident of two fathers trying to rescue their daughters from where they were being abused by Muslims. The fathers were threatened with arrest for 'breaching the peace' or some such thing.

And Rotherham council. A report concluded that the council was “not fit for purpose” because it covered up the very high rate of sexual abuse by Muslim gangs on hundreds of children, mostly young white females, in other words, non-Muslims.

According to the testimony of one local government officer, “the white British are very mindful of racism and frightened of racism allegations so there is no robust challenge.”
The report charges that statistics on ethnicity were actively concealed in presentations on community issues, workers were constantly warned not to discuss ethnicity and British officials overcompensated in trying not to “offend” Muslims, even to the point of prohibiting forums near pubs."

This is the sort of thing that Tommy Robinson was in trouble for. He forced the matter to the attention of the public and the attention of the police, and has been vilified for it.

Cologne New Years Eve attacks

In 2016, there were mass attacks by Muslim men on women attending the New Year's Eve celebrations.  There were around 1200 male attackers, and hundreds of victims, one estimate 1200 women assaulted.  For several days, it was covered up, but there were too many individual stories and the fact of this coordinated sexual attack on women was acknowledged a couple of weeks after the event.

The rates of rape and sexual molestation where Muslims have flooded into European countries has sky-rocketed.

Demanding special provision be made of them

Muslims like to exercise power over non-Muslims, and any excuse will do.  Remember that living under a Dhimmi Pact, the dhimmi is supposed to be humble.

For instance, Muslims will often demand that their place of employment or public buildings offer special prayer spaces and employers are told they must cater for  prayer times, even though the Koran says that all five prayers are not compulsory at those particular times, and there can be 'make -up' prayers.

Halal food:  The Koran says that when Halal food is unavailable, then other food can simply be 'blessed' and then it is permitted.

Pamela Geller: "It’s not about prayer spaces or prayer times. Muslims can easily pray before or after work. . They don’t stop the line to pray in Iran. But in the West it is a way to impose Islam on everyone else. It’s about Islamic supremacism and imposing Islam on the secular society.'

When Muslims believe that the Christians and Jews living under their rule are not being good Dhimmis, there can be punishments.

Western Nations forced the Ottoman Empire to drop the Dhimmitude provisions in 1850.  In 1860, there was a massacre of Christians and Jews at Damascus, and a series of massacres amounting to genocide against the Armenians, starting in the late 19th Century, and not finishing until the middle of WW1.

Jan-Baptist Huysman
Massacre at Damascus, the Druze-Christian massacre
(The Druze are an Islamic sect)

The Armenian Genocide, also known as the Armenian Holocaust, was the Ottoman government's systematic extermination of 1.5 million Armenians, mostly citizens within the Ottoman Empire.

"...April 24, marks the “Great Crime,” that is, the genocide of Christians— mostly Armenians but also Assyrians— that took place under the Islamic Ottoman Empire throughout World War I. Then, the Turks liquidated approximately 1.5 million Armenians and 300,000 Assyrians.

During the Armenian Genocide

There are fewer known massacres these days. There are still punishments.

This one, for instance.

In Burkina Faso, May, 2019. A group of Muslims punished a Christian pastor and several members of his congregation for refusing to convert to Islam. “Then they called them, one after the other, behind the church building where they shot them dead.”
Pastor Pierre Oult

When Muslims are displeased, there are often riots:

A ridiculous film was produced by a pathetic pastor in 2012.  The riots spread all over the world. There were deaths.  A child was photographed in Sydney carrying a sign that said, 'Behead all those who insult the Prophet.'  The child grew up and has been convicted of a terrorist offence. 

Those who speak up for human rights, especially for women's right, are sometimes killed

The idea of Dhimmitude is not dead.  Many Muslim communities in countries that are Muslim, but also in countries that are not predominantly Muslim, act as if the idea was alive and well.  

It is a bad idea for non Muslims to allow this attitude to continue. Overly eager appeasement of our Muslim community is acting as Dhimmis.  

We all have equal rights. Muslims are not superior. They should not be given special privileges.  They should not escape punishment for illegal acts, and evil should be called out wherever it appears.  

And note that it is absolutely not evil to criticise a religious ideology. It is not evil to see something for what it is and to call it out. 



Tuesday, 23 July 2019

The Plastic Bag Ban, a year on.

Many things in garbage bins are no longer bagged. There were numerous blowflies around this bin.

Not so long ago, we hardly ever saw blowflies around bins. 

Decades ago, of course, before rubbish started being routinely bagged,  it was usual.  There are not nearly as many flies now as there were then, but, I think, more now than there was a year ago.

Some people are using the 'Re-usable' plastic bags to contain their rubbish, reduce odours and limit the breeding of flies. But they are made of much heavier plastic, which will take longer to break down, and they are far more difficult to tie off.  They are not as useful as what were erroneously called 'single use' plastic bags.

The ban has given rise to some odd contradictions.  A volunteer in an Op Shop started to routinely put some items in a plastic bag taken from the bin kept handy, when she suddenly scrambled the bags out of sight, and used a much heavier plastic bag instead.  The 'single use' plastic bags could no longer be re-used on penalty of a large fine. 

Those who sincerely want to reduce plastic waste, and those who noisily say they care for the environment but only want to tell everyone of their virtue, have chosen the wrong target.
They should have targeted the totally unnecessary plastic wrapping that so many of our things come in. They are truly 'single-use.'  Or maybe they should have targeted those giveaway plastic toys that one of the supermarkets handed out to customers as a way to distract from their annoyance at the reduced convenience when shopping. 

One of the stated reasons for reducing the use of plastic bags was supposed to be to reduce the numbers of them going into the ocean, and littering our beaches.

And behold.  No plastic bags in the ocean, no plastic bags littering the beaches. (Some seaweed.)

Except that that photograph was taken several years ago.  In most places in Australia, most people do not leave a great deal of litter.  In the litter that is left, for example after a music festival, or after the Climate Protest by brainwashed children, there was a lot of litter. But only a very small component of that litter was plastic bags. It never has been a big problem in Australia.

Yes, I have seen awful pictures of litter covering the ocean.  But blame the ones who allow this.  The virtue-signalers, as always, are missing the mark.



Monday, 22 July 2019

The new push for nuclear energy

Nuclear energy.

Early June, 2019

The Global Warming theory became widely known around 15 - 20 years ago. The rising of sea levels was the problem most emphasized then. And I was dubious from the start, as I could perfectly well see that homes close to the beach were still much in demand, and still cost a fortune. There was also that I never believed that humans were sufficiently powerful to influence the climate.

Those who have always lived in cities seem to forget that most of the country is not composed of dense city with its air hazy with pollution, but is instead covered in farmland and forest, mountains and lakes and plains and ocean. It is only a tiny percentage that is covered in city. (And thank goodness for that!)

 I wondered then whether it was a ploy from wealthy industrialists wanting to make themselves more
wealthy by investing in nuclear energy.

But if the promotion of nuclear energy was the purpose of the scare, then progress has been slow. The same ones who are most eager to embrace the idea of human-caused Global Warming are also those most adamantly opposed nuclear energy.

Evacuation areas, 2011

And then there was Fukushima, 2011. This was a disaster caused by an earthquake and the consequent tsunami. Hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated, though there were no deaths directly related to it.

This was a nuclear disaster. There have been other nuclear disasters


   Left:  Chernobyl, USSR, 1986

Three Mile Island

Right:  Three Mile Island  The well known accident was in 1979, Pennsylvania, USA.

One reactor is still working at Three Mile Island, though it is due to be shut down by the end of September, 2019.

There have been other accidents, less well known,, even when those very first reactors came with the assurances to the public that were absolutely and totally 100% safe. There are good reasons why the populace is wary of nuclear energy, especially when we have abundant coal in Australia.

Al Gore, preaching.
This man uses far more energy
than any of we normal folk. 
2019, Climate change protesters
It is 2019. The climate has not warmed, and the sea has not risen, but the alarmist cries have only become more shrill. 'Global Warming' has become 'Climate Change' and now it is spoken of as a 'Climate Emergency.'

 Children are taught it as fact, and to say that it is all nonsense is absolutely not politically correct.

But now, it appears, the time has come to start pushing. From several different sources, but almost in unison, suddenly the cry has come. They are not saying we have to have nuclear energy - yet, rather they are saying 'we have to have the debate,' and 'we are mature enough to talk about it.' Craig Kelly, Liberal MP, for instance, that it 'must be on the drawing board' and the fear of nuclear energy 'must be overcome by an education process.' (Bolt Report, 6/6/19) And Peta Credlin, 'We are a grownup country and we have to have a grownup debate about it.'

The message is that we must go to nuclear energy because it is 'nil emissions' (so they say) and because the price of electricity has sky-rocketed. 

Wind farm in South Australia

But the price of electricity has sky-rocketed because the subsidies for inefficient renewables are very high and the provision of coal and gas energy has been actively sabotaged. Look at the fight against the proposed Adani coal mine, and Al Gore's nonsense that 'India will not want coal anyway.'

Maybe there are other reasons for this Climate Change scare. I assume some of the powerful might believe in it, though there never was a 97% Consensus of Scientists. There is also the fact that it has given more power to the Globalists of the UN.  A theory is that it is all about the redistribution of wealth from richer countries to poorer countries.

So maybe soon, we will see the first nuclear power stations in Australia. There was a headline (WIN TV, 13/6/19) that 'the government is more than willing to consider nuclear energy if it is economically viable.'

 And 14/6/19, a headline 'the NSW treasure is 'open' to nuclear energy, and 'there is no doubt that it is a cleaner form of energy.'

Nuclear Power Station, maybe coming soon to Australia

Coal is dirty, and always will be dirty. But the dirt is visible and can be reduced.

Nuclear energy is dirty as well, but the 'dirt' is invisible and lasts thousands of years. Look at the way that nuclear waste has to be managed. It is a problem that has no solution that will last as long as it needs to last.

Think of the children
They say that we should think of our children and reduce emissions in order to reduce the human-caused warming of the climate. But I consider the risks of nuclear energy as a far bigger threat to our descendants. Radiation does not just go away. It lasts - for a very, very long time. And damage to genes can result in a deformed child in the tenth or twentieth generation as much as it can in the first or second generation. While there is a viable alternative, it would be foolish to go down the nuclear path.


25th June, 2019:

And the fight back against the prospect of more nuclear energy has begun. Not this blog (which has zero influence) but there was a news report yesterday about someone who collected a large dose of radiation when something went wrong at the Lucas Heights reactor in Sydney, and then today, a story about people 'risking their health' by visiting the site of the Chernobyl disaster.

So how will it go now? A few more stories of people being harmed by radiation maybe? And then the promoters of nuclear energy again speaking of how the technology is vastly improved and the dangers have been grossly exaggerated? The number of fatalities from Chernobyl has been estimated at under a hundred to 93,000. It was 1986, the time of the Cold War, and the Soviet Union was secretive. I have read (years ago) that anyone who worked on bringing the fires under control and sealing off the reactor were deliberately dispersed and no records kept.

And there is a film about Chernobyl just released, that 'gives a strong sense of the catastrophic effects' of nuclear accidents.

I have also seen an expert, Robert Gale, bone marrow expert, who treated the victims for burns in the immediate aftermath, knew about subsequent instances of cancer, especially thyroid cancer attributed to the radiation, and asserts there were nearly as many cases as alleged. He is an advocate of nuclear energy. ('The Bolt Report',  June, 2019)

As usual, 'facts' are contradicted by 'facts' on the other side of the argument.

But there is no denying that a large area around Chernobyl is still empty, the same as a large area around Fukushima, too much polluted by radiation. They will be radioactive for more generations to come.

I guess we will see in the next few years how it will turn out.  Nuclear energy with its inherent risks, or a return to coal, which is relatively cheap and plentiful?  A whole generation has been convinced that climate disaster is just around the corner.  Will they shun electricity, cars, aeroplanes, and all the other conveniences of modern living?  Will they opt for 'zero-emissions' nuclear?  Or will they look at the evidence of no actual 'climate emergency' at all, and accept more traditional forms of energy?