Sunday, 10 June 2012

My books.


My first published book is called 'Not a Man.'

'Not a Man' is the story of Shuki Boliah, modern day eunuch.  This was originally published by Night Publishing, 2011, and has now been republished by Samray Books.

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Recent reviews:

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Trawling through the free and cheaper Kindle books I just shut my eyes and clicked on this one Not a Man - to try something different. This book is incredible, you read it thinking, the person that wrote this must be writing from personal experience - the detail and scene setting is so real it makes you seem a voyeur... we in the west don't know we are born...terrific stuff, hope it doesn't take too many years of research for the next book to come. Not a man covers such a "taboo" subject, reading this you want to save Shuki from this awful existence and then "Shuki" knocks you into reality by explaining it is better than starving to death in a slum! However much I hate this word, but it is "Awesome". Cant recommend this highly enough

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This review is from: Not a Man (Kindle Edition)

A recent review:

By Debbie
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The continuing story of Shuki, a modern-day eunuch. Sold by his own country to be a slave to young king Feroz, Shuki never forgets his childhood "family" and yet finds contentment and even love in the strangest of circumstances.

This sequel to Not A Man is again rich in characters and detail, dragging you into middle-eastern culture with all five senses. It positively reeks of authenticity, with hints of the world political events of the late 20th century anchoring the story. Yet again McRae doesn't shirk from the day-to-day details of Shuki's life - from political adviser to the king and all the court intrigue that entails - to the king's sexual preferences and his obsession with Shuki.

A powerful and addictive read that kept me up late for two nights.

Most of the books in the m/m category are romances or erotica. This book is not really either. It is a book about survival. Taking what you are given and making the best life you can of it. M A McRae creates a world that sucks you in and takes you places you have never been.

The hero is a bright young slum boy who is taken in for his beauty as a bed-boy by a wealthy middle eastern man. The boy is tricked into being castrated "to stay beautiful" at the age of 10. He is bright enough to figure out that his options in life are now severely changed. He has major trust issues after the incident (duh) but chooses to hide his anger and manipulates his master to ensure that he has resources and skills to survive if he is cast off.

The story starts in the 1970's and has a wonderful mix of old tribal ways and modern life. You get a rich sense of the enclave household with family politics between wives, sons, different status servants, the master and the young eunuch. The boy has learned to be cautious, sweet and manipulative to survive and yet he does form real bonds and friendships with the servants and the sons. He gets educated in languages, finance, fighting and horseback riding. All the while being underestimated as a cherished pet to be jealously guarded. The boy does manage to find love and affection and is willing to trade his body for comfort and cuddles. But he does not trust the world he lives in not to condemn him for things he cannot control and seeks to escape.

The other half of the story is set in England where he gradually learns what to think about himself as a human being if "not a man" In England he finds friends and enemies and tries to move beyond surviving to thriving. His delicate appearance hides the soul of a tough practical fighter.

This is not an easy book. The main character goes through things that many would not survive physically or emotionally. But he always makes the best he can of what he has been handed and does not dwell on the unfairness of things.

I have read two other book with ennuchs Anne Rice's
Cry to Heaven and Mary Renualt's The Persian Boy I have no idea how castration changes biology and sexuality in reality and it is interesting that these authors have different interpretations.

My second book is called 'The King's Favourite.'

It is a sequel to 'Not a Man,' but the story is entirely different, and it can be read as a standalone.  This one was published less than a week ago. The paperback is not yet available, but will be by the middle of July 2012.

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