Sunday, 16 December 2012

Kids in Care? Children's Home?

So alright, this is an ad.

Just that I think these books would be good gifts for kids who are in, or have experienced living in foster homes or institutions.  If you're a foster parent, especially a short-term foster parent, or if you run a Children's Home, you should consider adding them to your library.

They are complete novels, of 90,000 words and 70,000 words respectively, (around 300 pages.) They are suitable for adults and for teenagers.

They are not the sort of 'Misery Literature' that seems so prevalent these days, but stories of the boys, full of character, and Penwinnard, a Home for twenty-four boys who have no home of their own.

The books are $12.50 for 'Angel No More,'  and $9.50 for 'You Gotta Have Manners.' 
The second might especially interest you if you have a child who wets the bed. Check the opening pages, free, on the Smashwords or Amazon sites if you want.

Buy from:

or from the UK site:

Also available in eBooks, currently just 99c, soon to be $2.99.

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