Saturday, 30 March 2013

Trevanian's Leap.

Trevanian's Leap - the next Penwinnard Story.

Many cultures in many times have had manhood ceremonies for their adolescent boys. Penwinnard has its own culture, its own customs. And while the staff know that the tradition of jumping from Trevanian's Point into a rock pool far below is foolish and dangerous, the tradition continues.

I have only written 15,000 words of this story so far, but have already been working on the design for the back cover.

It used to be that the ones who'd achieved the feat had a special little picture in their room, but the group in 2010 look for something more - a tattoo on their shoulder.  A full dozen 'winnards' wind up with the tattoo on the right shoulder, and are very proud of it - no matter how foolish others think they are. It is, of course, illegal for those under the age of eighteen to have tattoos. It doesn't stop our boys.

Images of falcons for these series of books
kindly provided by photographer, Greta van der Rol.

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Release date for Trevanian's Leap, September 2013.

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  1. Release date for 'Trevanian's Leap' is 14th September, 2013.