Saturday, 18 May 2013

Beautiful beaches and inconsiderate fishermen.

Beautiful beaches and inconsiderate fishermen.

Pristine sands, a lovely morning, a beach marked only by foot-prints, but it seems a bit smelly... A half a step later, and you quickly move to avoid the stinking mess. A fisherman has had some success – and left the head and spine of his catch on the sand to offend every other user of the beach. Those remains don’t just stink, but what if you were running and maybe didn’t see the mess in time to avoid it? I would not like to plant my foot on a fish spine – not only that it would be revolting, but that bones could penetrate and fester.

A fisherman will say that the seagulls will take the remains, but as far as I can see, they seldom seem interested. Or they say they’ll be washed out on the next tide.  Well, sometimes they are, and sometimes they are not. And sometimes the sand will wash in, cover it, and make a disguise for the smelly corpses so that innocent bare feet will be more likely to sink into it.

So fishermen – exactly why do you think you have the right to mess up our beaches?  Have some consideration and do not leave the remains of your catch to offend other people.


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In other words, the above compilation is just an ad for my books.


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