Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Great book-covers

Sadly, as a glitch in the system means that I can't load photos as desired, the images here are limited to those I have used in past blogs. But these are book-covers that are attractive and suited to the mood of the book.

 Also, I apologise for some of the spacing. The way my blog is accepting  both pictures and writing seems very cranky today - maybe another glitch and maybe I'm just not doing it right.


The owl face conveys a mysterious feel, suited to the book.


 This excellent book has been recently self-published. In my opinion, the positioning of the elements could have been improved slightly, but all the same, it's a cover that is relevant and attractive.

The Angelique books

These are books written around the 1940s (at a guess)  with translations and reprints over the next 30 years. I have no idea how far these particular covers date back, only that my copies are at least 40 years old. The covers would no doubt be judged as old-fashioned these days, and yet they are attractive and one can tell at a glance what they are - adventure and romance.  Angelique, of course, is the main character.

They are set in pre-revolution France, and the research is excellent as far as I can tell, so they are more than 'trashy romance.'


Two books about eunuchs.  The deep, rich colours convey a mood of old-fashioned romanticism.

 'The Persian Boy' is about the eunuch beloved by Alexander the Great,  and 'Cry to Heaven' is about the Castrati of Italy. It is by Anne Rice, famous for her vampire books.


'Hamelin's Child' by DJ Bennett.  Another Indie published book. This book-cover is perfect for this story - the posture of the youth, the setting, the colouring. It could not have been bettered.

The books below are some of my own.  The cover for  'Not a Man' was designed by Authonomy member, Bradley Wind. I wanted a mood that conveyed mystery with a touch of the exotic.  The image used was from my own collection of photographs. (A portion of New Zealand pretending to be the Atlas Mountains of Arabia.)

The second and third of the series, I did myself.

Another good cover by an Indie writer.
More of my own books.   (Hey, it's my blog, I can talk about my own books if I want.) 

Two very different books by Paul Trembling.  These are not fantastic covers, but are both attractive and both suited to the book.

A book cover in progress.  This is to be the back-cover of the paperback of the next Penwinnard book.  The blurb has yet to be added.

Most of these covers are by Indie writers.  Some have paid professionals to do them, and some have done their own. They may not subscribe to the conventions of the professionals, but all the same, they are good covers. 
My preference is for deep, rich colours, attractive images, and, of course, the image must be relevant.  
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  1. Nice choices, Marg, and I like what you've been able to do with your own. I just redid this one and am hoping to see a boost in sales:

    1. I like it very much. It's colourful, attractive and a great image.

  2. I see you don't have a single example of the pouting girl in that vaporous frock. How come?

    1. Partly because I'm not drawn to romances, but also because romance books all seem to have the same plot and the same over-worked image.

  3. Cheers, Marj! Just about to go to my designer for the cover for book 3!

  4. I have found the covers to be part of the huge fun of self publishing. I am happy with most of mine but am having The Grave redesigned great post thanks

  5. An interesting piece Marj.
    Thanks for including one of mine. I design them myself. I tend to keep them simple. I pick a scene from the book, or a theme, an object; trawl Google for an appropriate image; crop the picture the way I want, and add the text.

  6. I agree, Diane. It is very rewarding to make your own book-cover just the way you want it. And to see it as a real paperback, to hold in your hand - your image, your words - it is a great satisfaction.

    And John, I like your book-covers. For my own, I do prefer to avoid taking images off the net. Even if it's free to share, I worry that there could be later repercussions, or even that another book might feature the same image. I want unique.


  7. Of these, a darker Moon is outstanding. I'd value yr opinion on any of my four. But Me-Time Tales will come out first.