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The blog that grew

Diane Dickson talks about her book: 'The Grave.'

       'The Grave' began life, in common with most of my other novels, as a blog serial.  The original was about half the length of the finished work but when I put it on Authonomy for feedback, I had lots of comments suggesting that I change the outcome and take the thing further.  I decided to do that and the book became a very different thing.  
It is based mainly in the Lake District and Liverpool which are places in the UK that I know very well as I spent my childhood and teenage years living in Liverpool and love The Lakes and have camped, and walked and sailed and swum there since I was a child.  
The original location is totally imaginary as I needed the long car journey and so it had to be in the south of England and, though I have spent some time down there I am not as familiar with that area. 
The cover was designed by Angela at - (my daughter who is a very gifted illustrator and graphic designer).
 The story is very harsh in parts with a fair bit of blood and violence which I have to admit I enjoyed writing


Editorial Review  (or 'the blurb.')

Samuel is reclusive, He visits town rarely and mixes with no-one until the day he buys Sylvie a drink. The results of the encounter are tragic, life changing and dreadful. Samuel knows that he must get away from his present situation and Sylvie is swept along with him. As the relationship between them deepens Samuel's shadowy past is the biggest threat to any sort of future.

Excerpts from reader comments:
'The storyline flows beautifully with the suspense building to an ever increasing pitch.'
Vivid writing -  'The opening, struggling through the the way his raw fingers catch and make him hiss. The way he cleans up the blood that the reader can 'see' because you so clearly describe it.'

'This was very powerful and compelling writing.'

 About the Author

Born in Yorkshire and grown up in Lancashire, England. I have spent many years living and working in the Middle East which was wonderful. Now, I am based partly in South West, France, in a lovely house in the middle of a forest and partly in Solihull in the UK. We have an apartment overlooking the Severn Trent Waterway, where I can frisby bread to the ducks right from my balcony. I am married with two wonderful children and two amazing grandsons who like my children's stories.

I have loved reading and writing ever since I can remember and have published some poetry in addition to my three children's books and now adult fiction.

I also write short stories most of those can be seen on was delighted to be voted Shortbreader of the year recently

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