Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Outback pics

Having recently done some travelling around the Australian Outback, I thought I'd share some pictures.


This is Kris, a model of the largest crocodile ever shot dead, over 28 feet long.  Though the model appears unbelievably big, it is made from actual measurements.  Kris is in Normanton, Northern Queensland.  I would like to know how many photos have been taken that show someone standing beside those enormous jaws.  

Near Cloncurry

This picnic shelter is near a rock formation near Cunnamurra.  There are some Aboriginal carvings in the rocks, so the Aboriginal Lands Claim was granted along with a generous grant to make a picnic shelter. 

Nearby were some Aboriginal rock carvings and paintings that really and truly appear genuine.
Note the colours.  This is the Outback.

Termite mounds


Monsters of the Outback:

Road-trains, some over 50 metres long.  The rule is that they have priority, so if you meet one on single-lane bitumen, you move right over into the dirt, slow right down or stop. The monster gets to keep the tar.

But the Outback is hot and dry and always, always, there is red dust.  It was nice to get back into more populated areas, and especially, to the beach.  Below is shown a picture of the beach at Yeppoon.  It is dawn. 

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