Friday, 25 October 2013

Remember the hole in the Ozone Layer?

We don't hear about it any more.  Why?  I do not remember ever being told that it was a flawed theory, or that the scientists were wrong.  It just quietly dropped out of the news.

When I went looking, I found this very credible article:

Go to:

and please do read it. It is informative.    

Remember the scare in the 70s?  There was to be a new ice age.

This is New Zealand, not a new Ice Age.

Here is a reference:


But never has a climate theory gained the status of a religion as the theory of man-made global warming seems to have done.  Those of us who've seen other doomsday scenarios come and go are reasonably sceptical.  So we are called 'Deniers',  almost as if some fanatical religion had labelled us heretics to be burnt at the stake.

They keep telling us 'The Science' is settled.  But numerous scientists do not agree with the theory.  Numerous scientists may not agree, but have learned that to keep their funding for their work, it is best to keep their mouths shut. 

Politicians dare not say that they are sceptical, in case it leads to loss of votes. 

It is taught in schools - not just that the climate is getting warmer, but that the cause is human activity.  Our own children think us ignorant if we disagree, because, naturally, what the teacher says must be right.

For myself, I have always doubted that human activity could be a cause.  I think the idea comes from the same sort of thinking that places earth at the centre of the universe - purest conceit.

The climate could be changing.  Why not?  It has changed many, many times in the past and will in the future.  Ocean levels have risen and fallen.  It is nothing new.

Be sceptical. We are always being told that something is  'scientifically proven'  and later turns out to be quite incorrect.  But usually, one has to go looking to find out exactly what did happen to that 'scientific proven fact', as each time, the information simply stops being put in front of us.

And just incidentally, there has been no overall warming in the last fifteen years - in spite of the apparent heat shimmer of the picture to the left.

(I just like using pretty pictures.) 



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  1. Yes indeed. This, for me all takes the same place in my mind as "The Great Butter Debate" a sort of pantomime yes it is, no it isn't sort of thing. I am now at the stage where I am very hesitant to trust anything that "scientists" tell us even though it may be "Proven". We have many times laughed when we have stood and shivered in the pouring rain and said Hmm bloody global warming and I think that really a great many of us wondered if we were being fed a line. We are so very insignificant (by we I mean mankind) that you are absolutely correct, how arrogant to assume that we can have a massive effect on this beautiful lump of space rock - I believe in re-cycling, would love to see less greed and I cry about the rain forests but just because we are not being kind and careful and considering our neighbours (the creatures we are driving from house and home) Well done for publishing this - Diane

  2. I remember those 'scares' very well. I'm another person who is quite willing to admit that the climate is changing. But it isn't about human emissions of carbon. Having said that, humans are responsible for many things that they can ACTUALLY CHANGE. Like pollution and loss of habitat. Maybe if we did something about those problems we might get somewhere. Oh, and if reducing the impact of coal burning power stations is so important, why do we no longer subsidise solar energy? Ah... I'll shut up now.

  3. And every one of these problems has a root cause - over-population. Is it eight billion of us now? It's scary.