Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Don't call the cult 'Islamic State!'

ISIL, ISIS, IS or 'Islamic State?'  No. It's a murderous cult, just as our Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, called them. We should stop dignifying the monsters by calling them what they want us to call them. Especially we should not call them 'Islamic State' which carries connotations of legitimacy.  So from now on, I'll call them the MCs - for 'murderous cult.'

We know of the MC's dreadful acts - the beheadings, the massacres, and then more massacres. It has just become public that a second American journalist has been beheaded.

But what sent chills through me was something that some would say by comparison, was quite minor. Maybe it's why I've only heard of it once, or maybe it is not even true - that they announced that every female under the age of 40 in their area of control should be forcibly circumcised. It is strange - it has always been denied that the hideous practice of female circumcision  (genital mutilation)  had anything to do with Islam, but it appears that the murderous cult do not agree. Do they chant Allahu Akbar as they take a knife to a woman's genitals?

The murderous cult has to be stamped out. And those Muslim communities who have fostered the ones who are now fighting with them, should stop pretending they had nothing to do with it, should maybe remember the radical muftis they allowed to speak at their mosques, and acknowledge that they do indeed bear some responsibility. Instead of screaming racism when the government attempts to deal with this very real problem, they should be first to do whatever they can.

So could some of them have some sympathy with the terrorists?  I think they probably do. For instance, Board of Imams Victoria president, Sheik Gul Saeed Shah, declined to comment on the problem because 'he did not know enough specifically about Islamic State.'   (Australian, 12/8/14.)  If there are a few like that, then maybe suicide bombing may be a good idea - only out in some paddock somewhere so they will be no innocent victims. 

But not 'Islamic State.' There is no legitimate 'state' just a collection of murderous thugs.
No pictures this time.  The subject is too sad and too true for pictures.




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