Sunday, 15 May 2016

Taharrush - men groping women

I came across an old diary and started reading.  This from 1975.

Thursday, 6/3/75
An incident has occurred that has really upset and infuriated me.  I was walking to the bus stop from the pictures at around 8.00pm, and I passed a couple of young blokes. I didn't even notice them until one of them passed a remark, I didn't hear exactly what, and the one nearest to me reached out and groped at my breast. I feel humiliated even to write it down, and there's not a single god-damned thing I can do about  it to retaliate. I yelled and swore at them, but of course, they couldn't care less, and would only laugh the more if they knew how upset I was. If only I could have retaliated, hurt them physically, as they have hurt me mentally. I imagine them writhing over a smashed face, or more suitably, crushed genitals,  and I only wish I could make them feel it.  Yet causing pain is totally alien to my character.  But it makes me so angry, this type of bloke, who accost me in the street, pass personal remarks and reach out as soon as you're in groping range. Flogging!  I would like to have them all flogged.  At times like this, I hate the whole male species. So many of them consider us as mere sexual objects and rob us of our dignity so easily, and how can we retaliate?  If I'd hit at him, it would have been me to have been hurt, and a policeman would laugh if I complained that someone had groped at my breast, or worse, think that because I'm not good-looking, that I flatter myself, and am looking for sex. If a plain person or an older person ever admits to a fear of rape even, they are likely to be accused of 'wishful thinking.'   Bloody men! I'm not a prude, nor am I a virgin, but there's something so demeaning in being sexually assaulted - for that is what it was - by strangers.  So god dammed casually, too, do they rob us of our dignity, and make us into objects.
I feel dirty after a brief contact, a hand upon my breast through a bra, shirt and coat. I hate to think how I'd feel if I were ever raped!  I think I'll have a shower.

That incident was in the 1970s, during the height of the Women's Lib movement.  ('The Female Eunuch' was first published in 1971)  The movement was successful to a very large degree. Equal pay for equal work is now normal, women continue in paid work in spite of having children  (That one backfired a bit. No-one then thought they'd be obliged to work when they had small children)  and men, as a rule, have far more manners.  

The sort of incident described happened less as the decades wore on.  Times had changed, and the Women's Libbers of the time achieved most of their aims.

But times have changed again. Now our governments have embraced ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity.’ It didn’t seem so bad when it was only too much garlic suddenly in our food, and a confusing variety of restaurants, but more and more, our governments are bringing in men from countries and cultures that regard women with contempt, and think of rape as a pleasurable game.

Have you heard of the Arabic game of Taharrush?  A group of men surround a woman, and sexually assault her,  mostly groping, often fingering, penetrating and sometimes full rape. Most of us first became aware of it after that New Year’s Eve night in Cologne, Germany.  It took a few days for the truth to begin to emerge as there was an attempt at cover-up.  There are allegations that film was destroyed, for instance.  Recently, I saw something – I forget which European country - that digital penetration has been redefined as ‘not rape.’ It made the rapidly rising rape statistics appear a little less terrible. The cover-up was in case it made people think the worse of the ‘refugees’ swarming into Europe and especially Germany.  The culprits were all recent immigrants, many from Morocco, which is not even at war,   There were thousands of men involved, hundreds of female victims, and it was, by no means, just Cologne.  Several other cities on that night, and other countries.  More recently, it has come to light that it has been going on for several years.  Sweden is now 'the rape capital of Europe.' But the rapes are overwhelmingly committed by recent immigrant men, not native-born Swedish men. 

Such incidents will only become more and more common as we mingle with more and more men of backward cultures.
Women have become accustomed to being respected. Those who call themselves the leaders of the feminist movement have become complacent.  They refuse to face this very real danger. We have come so far.  We must not throw it away because of idealistic ideas of compassion and mistaken ideas of the advantages of so-called ‘multi-culturalism.’  

Multi-culturalism does not work. It has never worked.  Either immigrants are few enough that they integrate without problems, or they are in large enough numbers that they take over, and customs change.  I would hate that customs change enough that Taharrush becomes something that women are just expected to put up with.  There are already suggestions that they cover up more.   

No. Men should behave better.  And government should have more concern for the women of their countries.  Large numbers of immigrants from certain cultures is very bad news for women.

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