Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Melanie Dent, author of romances

Melanie Dent is a prolific author of romances - romances with spice.

Here is what she has to say.

The Lynchcliffe series came about in the spring of 2010.  I was considering writing something as a tribute to my late partner, David, who died on 23/9/2008. I thought about how cuckoo chicks are never raised by their own parents and that got me to thinking about human “cuckoos” that are raised in another family because, for whatever reason, their natural parents can’t look after them. I thought about a time when childbirth related deaths were common.  I considered that the father of a child whose mother had died was unable to cope and his titled employers just happened to not be able to have children of their own.  Then I thought of the forthcoming Titanic centenary. What if the adopted child, now almost adult, lost her adoptive parents on the ship and was sent to live with previously unknown relatives? She would fall in love with the chauffeur but it would present problems as they both believe her to be a lady.

The ideas came thick and fast after that and I realised that one book was not enough to tell their story.  It became a trilogy beginning in 1891 when Margaret’s mother tragically dies and it takes us through turbulent times of the early twentieth century ending in 1920. It covers the tragedy of RMS Titanic, the First World War and the Spanish flu pandemic that decimated the population killing more people than died in the war. The trilogy covers themes such as murder, reconciliation, false allegations of indecent assault, marital infidelity, widowhood and twilight year romance.

Owing to the trilogy, ideas emerged for the stories of some characters prior to the trilogy which gave birth to the Prequels trilogy. Eye of the Storm: Lewis Franklin’s Story which covered, amongst other themes, suicide and illegitimacy. Divided loyalties: Lady Lynchcliffe’s Story deals with rape, sibling rivalry and estrangement.  I am currently working on the third volume Prescription for Romance: Hamish George’s Story.
I have also written Lynchcliffe: Seasons of the Heart and Lynchcliffe Passions: Erotic Stories. These are short stories.
I am also working on a new trilogy. Scenarios. These are books each containing three novellas set in a kind of Lynchcliffe parallel universe, offering ideas of how certain events in the main trilogy could have happened differently. I have completed 2/3 volumes and am working on Scenarios Vol III: Crossing the Line.

Most of my books are available as Amazon Kindle books and as paperbacks through Lulu.com.
I have had some success and managed to establish a small fan base which is more than I ever expected. Here are some links so that you can find me.
Amazon author Page              amazon.com/author/Lynchcliffe
Lulu author spotlight                      http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Lynchcliffe
Lynchcliffe Blog                                 http://lynchcliffe.wordpress.com/about

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  1. A fascinating historical series, for anyone who enjoys Donton Abbey. You are wonderfully prolific, Mel!
    A very interesting blog – I've shared it on FB and twitter.

  2. Melanie has done some awesome. I've read a couple of her Lynchcliffe stories and they are sexy and heart-wrenching. I love how she describes the emotions as the couples lust after one another. You know there's more to it than simple lust. Congrats Melanie!

  3. Nice job, Marj. Lovely to see Mel and her Lynchcliffe stories featured on your wonderful blog.

  4. That's a very impressive list of titles you're building up, Mel!