Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Penwinnard Stories

The Penwinnard stories are set in a Boys' Home in Cornwall. The first is called 'Angel No More.' The boy featured in this story calls himself Bob. He is desperate to leave his past behind, but there are the ones left behind. He cannot forget Bakker and Renard and Cherub and the others.  

And then there is 'You Gotta Have Manners.'  This is the second Penwinnard story, and features Sid, aged eleven. Sid wants a family and is willing to work for it.

'Angel No More' is to be released in October (Samray Books.) 

For a time I had hoped that the second story could be released at the same time, but it does not appear likely at this stage.

 Bob, Dallas and Simmo, Summer, 2009.

I have chosen a partularly beautiful spot as a setting for Penwinnard - Penwinnard is fictional, and the nearby village, Ryalston, is also fictional.  The nearest large town is Falmouth, which, of course, is not fictional, but a very attractive town on the South Coast of Cornwall.

Penwinnard, shown on a foggy morning.

The dogs, Elsie and Jessie, shown with one of the big boys.

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