Saturday, 23 May 2015

Becoming 'radicalised.'

Becoming  'radicalised'.

I am talking, of course, about the extremist Muslim organisations, especially ISIS, ISIL, IS, Daesh, or 'the death cult,' as our own Prime Minister refers to it.

I am annoyed every time I hear this expression, as if the poor little victim of the 'radicalisation process' has no say in the matter. Like a cabbage that gets cooked - the cabbage does not make that choice. But people are not cabbages. They choose to be what they are. These people who they say have 'become radicalised'  made a choice - to abandon civilised values and become part of an evil, evil movement, a movement that wants to take us back to a time of barbarity when slavery was normal, terrible cruelty was condoned, and women and children were chattels. A time when a girl child of nine can be married. Without the option, without any chance at an education, and with no avenue of defence if the husband chooses to be brutal.

It always surprises me that women sometimes turn to extreme Islam.  Surely they can see how utterly, utterly stupid they are being. Who voluntarily steps forward to become a slave?  For Allah, of course. But why would they think that an Allah, who is supposed to be so 'merciful,'  would think it fine for them to be slaves. No. Young women who decide to be brides of ISIS are just fools.

Young men who decide they want to be ISIS fighters are not only fools, but are showing the evil side of themselves. It appears that what they really want is to be allowed to torture other people, to be allowed to have up to four wives, including little girls if they want, to be allowed to have slaves, as many as they want. And for all of this to be condoned. So do they really, truly believe that Allah will reward them?  Or is it simply that they want to be the most wicked of criminals in a place where that is approved.

Whatever, they do not 'become radicalised.' They are not victims. They are the ones who want to make the rest of us victims.




  1. Well said and horribly true. We all choose our path and when people have seen that there are other ways then surely if they chose the path of hate and cruelty then they are hateful and cruel.