Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Seeing into the future

On the news this morning, there was talk of stripping citizenship from bastard Islamists as well as  talk of tightening citizenship requirements... I saw nicely into the future when I wrote the fourth and final book of the Shuki Series.

One of the relevant quotes. 
This part of the book was written in 2013, before the rise of Daesh or  ISIS. 

On Australia Day, January, 2015, the women and girls of Shuki's family became Australian citizens. Laleh was already an Australian citizen as she'd been born in Australia. Separately, and unknown to Shuki and his family, Meriam also became an Australian citizen.   

For Meriam it had not been as easy as it had been for the others. Her past connections to a radical Islamic group, some of them Jihadists, counted against her. She'd had to show that she no longer had contact with them, and she'd been closely examined as to her current loyalties. Dual citizenship was no longer allowed. Like other countries, Australia had been experiencing the consequences of conflicting loyalties. Nearly seventy people were refused citizenship that year, mostly because the requirement that an applicant had to be 'of good character' had been strengthened and was now being enforced. They were no longer allowing appeals, and Legal Aid was only available to citizens.

There were more changes pending. Not just in Australia, but almost all Western countries were toughening their requirements for citizenship. Radical Muslims no longer openly stated that Sharia Law had to be imposed on their host nations and any immigrant suspected of acting illegally, whether by importing contraband or by supporting terrorism, was far more likely to be deported. Refugees could still be granted provisional asylum in some countries, but were a lot less likely to be granted citizenship. Some called it xenophobia, while others pointed to the poor record of refugees from certain countries, and called it sense.

In other parts of the book, Shuki advocates removing religion from schools - all religions from all schools.  In the book, I had the process starting in around 2012 in Australia, earlier in other parts of the world. With the influence of the highly respected Shuki Bolkiah,  Daesh (or ISIS) did not happen. What a shame it is only fiction. 

On the other hand, a problem much more serious had to be faced - the pandemics, inevitable because of the much too high population and the ease of travel.

Where the first pandemic started

                                              Is this part seeing into the future?  I hope not. 

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