Saturday, 12 September 2015

Internet bullies who don't know they are bullying


Some internet bullying is obvious - the teenage girl whose facebook 'friends' unite to say how horrible she is, maybe how fat, maybe how she should just hang herself and give the world a break. 
It's an awful thing to do, especially as some victims have wound up committing suicide.
But there is another form of internet bullying, and most who pass these things on do so without ever thinking that it is a form of bullying.



 So if you don't 'share' that makes you 'afraid to make a stand' and presumably uncaring besides.

 'I hope I was right about the ones who will repost.'
So the ones who don't repost are awful people? 

The sweet little hearts make no difference.  This, too,  is a form of bullying.

Was it sincere in the beginning?  Possibly, or possibly just another of those memes that are used to harvest facebook names.


 'I'll be watching.'

        Enough said.

  "Let's see who has a strong heart.'

And if we don't choose to share, then, again, I guess we are weak and presumably uncaring besides.

'Have the guts to repost this.'

No, but I do have the courage to call it what it is - internet bullying.


This one is even more explicit -
'I want to see who is brave enough...'

 'I'm pretty sure I know the ones that will.'

Another little piece of blackmail.

The blackmail phrase is nearly always used.
'I know the ones who will,' or 'I'll be watching,' or something similar.

It is bullying.  Please let's stop this nonsense.


  1. It is, indeed, passive aggressive nonsense. I never share this shit. Very often it is just about data harvesting. By the way, I love the photo of the boat at sunset/sunrise.

  2. Oops. I put the wrong photo in. Supposed to say 'This is blog of etc.'