Saturday, 12 September 2015

To the ABC - facts please.

To the ABC - especially the ABC. but every other news outlet as well.  You are supposed to be the news.  So please give us the news - that is facts, not your agenda! 
The other day on TV, someone was arguing that the bias shown in our media really didn't matter 'because everyone knew who was Fairfax and who was Murdoch.' But actually, no, we don't, and what is more - we shouldn't have to! News outlets are supposed to report the news - FACTS - not pursue an agenda, usually left wing, as most journalists seem to be very left wing.
In Australia, a prime offender is the ABC. One used to regard the ABC as by far, the best of the news outlets. Now it is close to the worst.

Something on this morning's ABC 24, by way of an example - that there was a 'massive' demonstration in support of the 'refugees' swarming into Europe, with a passing reference at the very end to a 'counter demonstration.' On the internet, I see a report of very large demonstrations against the indiscriminate admission of hordes of immigrants.

I have not seen a news bulletin that reported that the immigrants had rioted, had thrown faeces at the authorities simply for trying to achieve some semblance of order, had chanted 'Allahu Akbar' as they forced themselves onto a train, had been fighting amongst each other, Turks against Kurds, for instance, had even thrown away the food rations handed to them.

Instead, we have an outcry because they were 'fed like animals.' To support this allegation, it was shown that they were divided into pens, (not confined to the pens) and as there was no orderly queue, packets of food were tossed to some at the back. It is not unusual to use such 'pens' as a way of sorting large numbers of people who are waiting for something. It actually reminded me very much of last November, when I was one of thousands of people, most elderly, waiting and waiting and waiting to get onto a cruise ship. Except that they queued, they didn't attack each other, and there were no rations available/ (though a few elderly ladies on the point of fainting from the hours of standing in the heat were given drinks of water.)

So what am I saying? That news outlets should STOP censoring the news. The public wants the facts, not what some conceited journalist or news editor thinks it acceptable for us to know.

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