Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Islam is winning

Islam is winning.

Islam wants to make the whole world part of its ‘Ummah.’ In other words, all of us to become Muslims.  The Koran commands it. Muhammad, when he first decided he was having revelations from Allah, tried to persuade people to follow him,  and when persuasion didn't work very well, he used treachery and murder instead. The more followers he managed, the bigger army he had at his command. He used his army to make himself rich, give his ‘soldiers’ plenty of booty to share, including of course, slaves, and the more he was able to force Islam onto his neighbours.
Those we now call Islamists are active in following his example. Mostly, they use modern tactics such as demanding concessions that no other religion would think of demanding, by using the absurdities of modern-day political correctness, and by depicting themselves as victims of Islamophobia at the slightest excuse, sometimes a manufactured excuse.
And they use terrorism. 'We will not be beaten,' people say whenever there is a new terrorist outrage. 'They may have guns but we have flowers.'  And,  'We will not allow them to make us afraid.'
No?  In Turin, Italy, 4th June, 2017, one and a half thousand people were hurt stampeding from a bang, possibly from a fire-cracker.  People might try and convince themselves that terror is not winning, but when so many people can be hurt because of an imaginary bomb, then it is clearly winning.
It is winning in many, many ways.
Each time some commentator speaks of the issue of terrorism without using the words 'Islam,'  'Muslim'  or even 'Islamist,'  then it is a win for Islam. The Australian ABC is laughable for its avoidance of any hint that Islam might have something to do with terrorism, even though almost every terrorist attack in the last fifteen years has been by Muslims in pursuit of its Islamist agenda.
They win each time a terrorism 'expert' pretends that Islamist terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Waleed Aly, TV presenter and Muslim did a lengthy report on terrorism, and blamed it on everything else but Islam. (
They win when ordinary people hesitate to use the word 'Muslim' when it is obviously a Muslim. There was a ludicrous example in regard to the second London Bridge attack (June 3rd, 2017) - a witness saw one of the perpetrators with his knife, he was shouting 'This is for Allah,'  and yet the witness 'couldn't say' whether he was a Muslim. I guess he thought that if he said it was a Muslim, then he would be 'racist.'  But if he was that close, he was lucky not to have had the knife slashing at his throat, and that is a lot more serious than simply being called a stupid word.
Each time a blogger gets criticised for telling it like it is, that is also a win for the Islamists. Some facebook accounts are repeatedly closed down because they speak of Islam - not 'hate speech,'  nothing that actually threatens Muslims for being Muslims, but merely for explaining the facts of the religion. 
Each time that schools bow to pressure and make special concessions to Muslims, it is a win for Islam and a defeat of Western values of civilisation. Some schools are now making their students learn about Islam, except that they only learn the dressed up version, not the facts. There was one school that had a 'Hijab Day.'  Hijabs are a sign of the subjugation of women. They have no place in schools or anywhere else.

Islam wins every time some asinine popstar says something like all we need is love and understanding and terrorists will no longer be terrorists. Such blatant idealism, such willful blindness, only delays the day we see the enemy and finally start to fight. 

Islam wins when those who calls themselves 'feminist' refuse to call them out on their misogyny.  Some have worn hijabs and called it feminist!  Anne Aly, Labor MP and former ABC personality, called it 'the most feminist religion.'  (March, 2017)  It states in the Koran that  a woman is worth half of a man, and that a husband should beat a wife from whom he fears disobedience. In the most Islamic of states they cover her in a black shroud as if she was not a person at all. Feminist? Baloney.
Islam wins when eyes are deliberately turned away from Islamic practices such as the forced marriage of underage girls.  It especially wins when a truly awful Islamic practice, female genital mutilation, is defended.  Germaine Greer!  She was once a highly respected feminist.  Now she equates FGM with voluntary cosmetic surgery.  It is a very different thing, lady!  Ask Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  ( 

Indonesia, once regarded as a 'moderate' Islamic nation. A Christian politician was charged with blasphemy because he ventured to say that it was not a Koranic command that Muslims could only vote for Muslims. That was a very big and very significant win for Islam.  Ahok (aka Basuki Tjahaja Purnama) is now serving a two year prison term for blasphemy.  ( 
Islam wins when European nations pass laws that outlaw criticism of Islam. That is a particularly sinister development. 
Islam wins when formerly modernising countries turn more and more to the severe form of Islam. Look at pictures of countries such as Iran and Afghanistan in the 1960s, and look at them now. Pity the poor women now enveloped in black. In Saudi Arabia, a woman is not permitted outside the house without the escort of a male guardian.

Islam wins when atheist bloggers are executed, and it wins when, in more and more areas, the brutality of Sharia Law is embraced.
Islam wins when Muslim communities succeed in making their area a 'No go'  area for others, including police. There are said to be more and more 'no go'  areas throughout Europe. There should be none.
And it wins when an occasional blogger - like myself - wonders about possible repercussions before pressing 'publish.'   


Learn about Islam. It is important.

Suggested books:

1.  Bill Warner, PHD, translation of the Koran and the Hadith, books about Islam. From Amazon: 'Bill Warner holds a PhD in physics and mathematics. He has been a university professor, businessman, and applied research physicist.
Warner had a life-long interest in religions, including Islam, and their effects on history and civilizations. After the 9/11 New York jihad attacks, he began working on making the Islamic political doctrine, which impacts non-Muslims, available to the average person.

2. Ayaan Hirsi Ali knows Islam as few others know it. She has written several books, every single one of them a learning experience for the reader.

3. 'The Story of Mohammad'   
            Harry Richardson.  

Based on the Hadith, one of the 'Holy' books of Islam, this is the story of Muhammad's life. Richardson puts it in order, and makes it easy to understand while never deviating from what is accepted as truth by Muslims.  
This book is truly an eye-opener.


  1. Islam is a Religion of Love and Peace The definition of Islam. Road to makkah providing best hajj and umrah packages.

  2. So much money being spent to defend against the 'religion of peace!'

  3. This Comment made July, 2018.
    Europe is beginning to wake up. This is an excerpt from an article by Andrew Bolt.
    Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun July 4, 2018

    "Across Europe the borders are closing. Italy last month turned away two ships carrying illegal immigrants from Libya, and Austria threatens to close its own borders.

    Hungary has already fenced off its border, and any migrant found within 8km of the border will be turned back.

    And it made it a crime to help fake refugees file requests for asylum.

    Then there’s the fight against the niqab, which covers the face of Muslim women and symbolises a refusal to integrate.

    The niqab has now been banned or restricted in France, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, Bavaria and parts of Italy and Switzerland.

    Holland has scrapped multiculturalism, and Austria said it would close eight radical mosques and expel 60 imams.

    But Denmark has gone even further. Danes were first shocked by terrorist attacks on journalists and cartoonists and newspapers seen to criticise Islam, and now by gangs from mainly-Muslim immigrant enclaves using even grenades.

    Its government now says “ghetto children” from 25 such enclaves must be separated from their families once they turn one for at least 25 hours a week of lessons in Danish and “Danish values,” including the Christmas tradition. Parents who refuse will have their welfare cut."

    The tide is beginning to turn.
    "The millions of poor Muslims it let in will not leave, and the tensions imported with them will last for generations."