Friday, 1 September 2017

Possum Park, a favourite caravan park.

Sometimes, there is an especially nice place that I want other people to know about and enjoy. This one is a caravan park, not in a town, which means that if you don't know about, it is easy to miss.    But if you are travelling, it is one to note. Possum Park. It is in inland NSW, 20 kms north of the small township of Miles.

The 350 acres that is now Possum Park was once called RAAF Kowguran.

During WW2, it was a munitions depot.  The twenty underground bunkers were used for storing explosives.

They are now used for other things, including some cosy accommodation for visitors.

There are other unusual accommodation options available. Certainly there are some modern units, that seem boring by comparison with the cabins that used to be train carriages, or WW2 ammunition bunkers, or the newest attraction, yet to be available, in an old TAA aeroplane.

The train carriages - 

In some of the small carriages, there are things of interest that one would find in a museum.  In another,  there is a lovely little 'reading room.'  Everywhere, there are features to make a stay enjoyable.  

Once was a train.

There are gardens everywhere.  Sometimes unusual items are turned into garden features.

The Bush Chapel

There are the standard features of a good caravan park,  powered sites (of course)  a camp kitchen,  and sitting areas.  An unusual addition is the little bush chapel. 

One of the sitting areas. 

The picture below is the office.  Price is reasonable,  bookings advisable.  So next time you are travelling through the region known as the Western Downs of NSW,  I recommend a visit to Possum Park.   Phone (07) 4627 1651

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