Friday, 1 September 2017

Sentimental Attachment

Can one become sentimentally attached to a clothes peg?

Long ago, my mum gave me my very last Christmas stocking.  I was in my early twenties and had just returned from a lengthy overseas trip.  I assume there were the usual items  - a little paperback book maybe, a few lollies, a set of ballpoint pens -  whatever she could think of, I guess, for a daughter no longer a child.  I have long forgotten what else was included, but one thing I was quite tickled with - a set of vivid pink clothes pegs.  So bright.  I like bright.

Well, that was decades ago, and those special clothes pegs have been in my peg box ever since.  The containers have changed, the pegs lasted.  And lasted.  They became old and faded and brittle, nearly white now.  

I picked one up this morning to use it, and, as always, I remembered my mum and I remembered that long ago Christmas stocking.  I was just reflecting that there was no point really in valuing such a small item when the one in my hand broke.

There are only a few left now.  Can one really become sentimentally attached to a clothes peg? Should I maybe put those few aside in order to keep them?

Naaah.  They are only clothes pegs.  That would be silly.


  1. Keep using them. And think of your mum while you do so.

  2. :) Until they all die and go to that great peg-bag in the sky.